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Santa Rosa Man Charged with Murder After Head-On Collision — Nov 6, 2017

A car crash has ended with a man being charged with murder when his passenger died, and several other people were injured Sunday night. It started at approximately 9:10 p.m. when 35-year-old Logologoa Tevaseu drove his 2006 Dodge Ram south on Lakeville Highway as he passed cars on the wrong side of the road and eventually hit one head on. He refused testing at the scene of the accident but was later forced to contribute by court order. He killed the a 21-year-old woman from Oakley in the driver’s seat. A second DUI occurred at the same spot a few hours later. An Acura plunged straight into the wreckage and forced cops to jump out of the way. 29-year-old Ashley Leah Barnachea of Santa Rosa, drove past the barricades and crashed into a parked CHP car. She was arrested for DUI.