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Finding the right medical malpractice lawyer can be difficult after suffering an injury from negligence. At Moseley Collins Law, our experienced hospital negligence lawyers have helped injured victims nationwide to build strong cases for over 40 years. If you or a loved one has experienced medical malpractice, our legal team can help you understand your rights and navigate the complex litigation process.

Known as one of the leading Santa Ana medical malpractice law firms, we have an established record of success on behalf of clients. We have secured millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts through ardent advocacy for those affected by medical errors. Our goal is to achieve maximum compensation to cover damages like lost wages, rehabilitation costs and pain and suffering.

Examples of Medical Negligence in Santa Ana

While every patient situation and corresponding fact pattern differs, over four decades litigating medical malpractice cases nationally, Moseley Collins Law commonly encounters certain themes of negligence negatively impacting families, including:

  • Botched high-risk surgeries, procedures or complex deliveries
  • Mismanaged medication dosing orders
  • Failure recognizing aggressive diseases until too late
  • Reckless discharge of medically unstable patients
  • Disregard for traumatic emergency room presenting symptoms

If any relatable negligent circumstances recently transpired causing profound disabilities or fatality unexpectedly within Santa Ana’s medical network, we encourage connecting promptly regarding your legal options. Time remains limited.

The Orange County Cities We Serve

The Orange County Cities We Serve

Our dedicated medical malpractice lawyers offer tireless legal advocacy with unwavering support for catastrophically injured victims throughout greater Orange County metro areas including:

  • Anaheim
  • Costa Mesa
  • Fountain Valley
  • Fullerton
  • Garden Grove
  • Huntington Beach
  • Irvine
  • Laguna Beach
  • Laguna Hills
  • Lake Forest
  • Mission Viejo
  • Newport Beach
  • Orange
  • Santa Ana
  • Westminster

As well as all surrounding OC suburbs and smaller inland communities countywide. Every patient and family deserve access to justice regardless where one’s home resides.

Examples of Catastrophic Medical Injuries

Hospital negligence comes in many forms. From surgical errors to misdiagnosis and improper treatment, mistakes can happen for preventable reasons. Common errors include:

  • Incomplete medical histories
  • Lack of communication between departments or during shift changes
  • Emergency room delays or dismissals
  • Anesthesiology mistakes like improper dosage
  • Failure to properly maintain medical devices or monitor patients

Such negligence often results in catastrophic injuries with a long road to recovery. Our committed legal team will thoroughly investigate how the oversight occurred and who is responsible. Then we build a solid case to demand accountability and justice on our client’s behalf.

Elements Required Proving Medical Malpractice in California

During initial free case evaluations with Santa Ana victims of potential medical malpractice, Moseley Collins Law lawyers rigorously assess individual circumstances seeking irrefutable evidence that provider negligence appears beyond doubt evident.

  1. A direct doctor-patient relationship existed when adverse medical treatment occurred -- thus a professional duty of care became firmly established.
  2. Through identifiable action or lack thereof, medical caregivers undeniably breached said established duty through delivery of patently negligent treatment falling well below reasonable standards by any metric.
  3. Respected medical experts readily conclude the grievous patient affliction directly links to negligent medical error(s) without equivocation.
  4. Resulting negligent actions or negligent inactions indeed violate well-established breaches of ordinary care, standards of practice and ethical canons.

Once all four prerequisites become conclusively satisfied through exhaustive legal investigation and multiple independent medical expert case reviews, grounds for strong civil action seeking financial damages exist. By retaining specialist lawyers focused exclusively upon negligence and serious injury claims litigation for over forty years, victims severely impacted gain uniquely formidable legal advocates from the start when winning matters most.

Partner with Our Medical Malpractice Team

Don’t endure the effects of medical error alone. The road to financial recovery begins with choosing the right legal representative ready for vigorous litigation when necessary.

We provide free consultations to review your situation in depth. With meticulous case development, proven negotiation skills and an acclaimed trial lawyer on your side, you gain the strongest advantage pursuing damages. We help injured victims hold medical providers fully accountable once errors cause them harm. To get started and learn how we can help get justice and compensation for your injuries, contact our office today at 800-426-5546.

Statute of Limitations on CA Medical Malpractice Claims

California medical malpractice law imposes strict deadlines called “statutes of limitation” dictating required legal timing for injured patients to formally pursue financial damages against negligent healthcare providers through civil litigation or forfeit all rights permanently.

Adult victims generally have just one year from discovery of the medical error resulting in confirmed patient harm to officially file a claim seeking compensatory remedies.

Additional exceptions potentially extend limitations periods further allowing three years maximum when facts surface that intentional efforts concealed key details denying prompt awareness of health workers’ negligent actions transpiring behind the scenes. Other restrictions exist involving minors injured under medical supervision.

Given legal complexity amidst already overwhelming personal trauma, we advise contacting accomplished California medical malpractice counsel immediately so your rights remain protected. Critical evidence and witnesses’ memories fade quickly over time, so retaining an experienced medical negligence claim lawyer swift proves vital. Navigating the long road toward public accountability and updated patient care standards remains difficult, but having tenacious trial lawyers fully committed matters greatly increasing probability of success before strict statutes of limitations expire.

Why Choose Us for Your Medical Malpractice Case

Why Choose Us for Your Medical Malpractice Case

Successfully resolving medical negligence cases takes razor-sharp legal skills. At Moseley Collins Law, our lawyers have refined expertise in this complex specialty area. We apply our knowledge and resources to overcome legal obstacles and weak defenses. What sets our firm apart includes:

40+ Years of Dedicated Practice - Our experience spans decades fighting health organizations with extensive resources of their own. It takes vigor, creativity and determination to battle formidable opponents.

Established Record of Settlements & Verdicts - We’ve secured millions for clients through cases tried or settled favorably before trial. While results vary, we aim high and have the savvy to reach our goals.

Thorough Investigation of Errors - To build robust arguments, we order complete records then have independent specialists across medical fields provide analysis indicating negligence by care providers. This comprehensively supports our claims.

Focused advocacy and guidance - Clients can have confidence in our counsel every step of the way. We simplify the intricate legal process while maximizing potential payouts for your harms suffered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)What constitutes medical malpractice vs normal complications in California?

Medical malpractice is determined when a healthcare professional fails to meet accepted California community medical standards and directly causes a patient injury or wrongful death. If reasonable treatment precautions aimed at minimizing risks would have likely prevented the sustaining patient harms, grounds for negligence claims may exist against one or more medical providers.

Can I file a malpractice claim involving misdiagnosis or surgical errors?

Yes absolutely. Two leading allegations made in medical negligence lawsuits encompass failure to diagnose a condition accurately/promptly or surgical mistakes causing harm. Misdiagnoses rob precious treatment time while surgical errors inflict physical damage. Both demonstrate types of potentially negligent medical care.

What monetary damages should I seek through a medical malpractice case?

Beyond responsibility, consider claiming coverage for medical costs, lost income, rehabilitation expenses, disability needs, pain and suffering quality of life reductions, and wrongful death inheritance beneficiaries if a fatality resulted. A lawyer fully represents your best interests.

Can I realistically sue a hospital system as an individual?

Yes, you can. Retaining seasoned medical malpractice counsel levels, the playing field resources-wise between injured patients and mega-hospital corporations. Moseley Collins Law holds 40 years litigating against nationals’ largest hospital chains successfully based on case merits despite vast opposition legal teams and ploys. With reputable lawyers, regular citizens can absolutely hold negligent medical providers fully accountable in court.

What Makes Moseley Collins Law Different From Other Firms?

Since the 1980s, our lawyers focused exclusively upon catastrophic injury cases including medical negligence and malpractice litigation nationwide. This laser specialty with four decades refining winning courtroom strategies greatly differentiates our skill advantages over local competitors unfamiliar navigating the intricate complex medical-legal issues these cases entail. Medical errors prove devastating enough. Ensuring you partner with accomplished & caring trial lawyers remaining by your side makes all the difference toward justice.

The extensive experienced medical malpractice litigation team at Moseley Collins Law have helped hundreds of clients nationwide recover hundreds of millions of dollars for damages suffered at the hands of medical negligence. If you or someone you love suffered harm within a Santa Ana healthcare provider's care, contact our office directly to discuss your potential claim in a free, no-obligation consultation today at 800-426-5546. With over 40 years of proven results holding doctors, nurses and prominent hospital systems fully accountable following negligent practices harming patients in California, you can trust our dedicated lawyers to handle even the most complex Santa Ana medical malpractice cases effectively. Reach out now online or by calling today to get answers from a compassionate legal advocate.

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"When I was injured I felt truly hopeless. I didn't know where to turn when I was released from the hospital. Luckily, I remembered your phone number and I called you. You won a nice settlement for me. Thank you!" Charles T.
"May God bless you always, Moseley and your wonderful staff. You all were there for us when we needed it most. We are forever grateful." Tina N.
"Everyone at the law firm was helpful, considerate and courteous. I would highly recommend Moseley Collins. Thank you so much." Robyn D.