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Moseley Collins Law is a prominent medical malpractice law firm with over 40 years of experience representing clients nationwide who have suffered serious personal injuries due to medical negligence. Our dedicated team of lawyers have recovered millions for past clients.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in a San Luis Obispo County hospital, medical center, clinic, doctor’s office, or nursing home due to mistake, recklessness or negligence, we can help. Contact our knowledgeable medical malpractice lawyers for a free consultation by calling 800-426-5546 today.

Examples of Medical Negligence in San Luis Obispo County

While every client situation remains uniquely personal, over four decades handling medical malpractice cases nationwide Moseley Collins Law commonly encounters institutional negligence negatively impacting patients and families, including:

  • Botched high-risk surgeries, procedures or deliveries
  • Mismanaged medication dosing orders
  • Failure to detect aggressive diseases until too late
  • Preventable hospital acquired infections
  • Disregard for traumatic emergency room injuries

If any relatable negligent circumstances caused you or your family member severe, irreversible damages within San Luis Obispo County's medical network, we encourage connecting today regarding your options.

Cities and Communities We Serve in San Luis Obispo County

Cities and Communities We Serve in San Luis Obispo County

Our San Luis Obispo County medical malpractice lawyers offer steadfast support and personalized guidance for catastrophically injured victims throughout:

  • San Luis Obispo
  • Paso Robles
  • Atascadero
  • Arroyo Grande
  • Nipomo
  • Pismo Beach
  • Grover Beach
  • Morro Bay

And many other cities and communities throughout San Luis Obispo County. If any local medical provider or regional health network's negligence contributed to your loved one's irreparable damages, our lawyers welcome the opportunity to evaluate events. We have proudly advocated medical accountability for grieving California families for years when questionable health provider decisions took unconscionable turns violating community trust.

Major Medical Centers and Hospitals in San Luis Obispo County

Below we have listed major medical institutions and hospital networks serving San Luis Obispo County residents:

Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center - This acute care hospital and trauma center provides emergency medicine, heart services, surgical care, women's health and more for San Luis Obispo County residents.

French Hospital Medical Center - This nonprofit community hospital has served San Luis Obispo for over a century, providing birthing centers, cancer care, cardiology, emergency medicine and surgical services.

Examples of Common Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical professionals have an ethical and legal duty under their licenses to meet applicable standards of medical care set through their education, government regulations, facility protocols and customary medical practices. When hospitals, doctors, nurses, clinics or staff breach these standards due to negligent, reckless or intentional actions - or even inaction - patients can suffer greatly.

Some examples of potential cases involving medical negligence include:

Misdiagnosis & Delayed Diagnoses

Failing to promptly and properly diagnose health conditions allows illnesses to advance unchecked, causing worsened prognosis, permanent damage or death that early interventions could have mitigated.

Childbirth & Labor Negligence

Errors during prenatal care through delivery can lead to birth injuries, developmental disabilities, mother and baby health complications.

Surgical Mistakes

Invasive mistakes during medical procedures - like surgery on the wrong body part or accidental punctures and lacerations - can cause severe harm.

Medication & Prescription Errors

Too many pharmacies and rushed providers make dangerous medication/dose mistakes resulting in complications and overdoses.

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Elderly negligence leads to falls, bed sores, malnutrition and sometimes fatal health decline.

This is just a sampling of the types of medical negligence scenarios we see in San Luis Obispo County and throughout California. No two cases are exactly alike. An experienced medical malpractice lawyer will examine the specifics of what happened along with the extent and permanence of resulting harms suffered to determine if you have grounds for a potential case.

Key Elements for Proving Medical Malpractice

During initial free consultations evaluating potential San Luis Obispo County cases, Moseley Collins Law lawyers carefully assess individual circumstances to confirm four indispensable criteria clearly establishing provider negligence warranting legal accountability:

  1. A direct doctor-patient relationship existed when adverse medical treatment causing harm occurred -- thus a professional duty of care was owed.
  2. Identifiable action or gross inaction proves medical caregivers breached their assumed duty through delivery of negligent treatment falling egregiously below reasonable standards.
  3. Expert analyses can substantiate a causality link connecting resulting afflictions directly to negligent medical error(s).
  4. The specific resulting breach(es) indeed violate established community standards of care or statutory healthcare regulations.

Once all four prerequisite conditions become established through exhaustive legal investigation and corroborated by multiple independent medical expert case reviews, reasonable grounds exist justifying a valid medical malpractice claim. By retaining dedicated lawyers focused almost exclusively for over forty years upon catastrophically complex medical negligence litigation like yours, injured victims better access uniquely informed legal guidance throughout deeply challenging times.

In-Depth Investigation Process for Medical Negligence Claims

In-Depth Investigation Process for Medical Negligence Claims

Successfully reaching a settlement or court award in a complex medical malpractice lawsuit requires methodical investigation and case construction based on provable facts.

The lawyers at Moseley Collins Law follow systematic best practices refined over 40+ years handling malpractice cases nationwide. Our rigorous medical negligence investigation process normally includes:

  • Obtaining and thoroughly reviewing a claimant’s full medical history - doctor visit notes, hospital stays, diagnostics reports, surgical records, etc. We can formally request records quickly with signed HIPAA releases.
  • Identifying all medical providers involved in the client’s care before, during and after the incident.
  • Researching the licensing, specializations, tenure, previous malpractice incidents and other background on doctors, nurses and involved healthcare workers.
  • Consulting with board-certified medical experts in relevant fields to have records professionally reviewed for breaches in standards of care.
  • Interviewing the injured party, family, friends and other witnesses under oath to gain further insight.
  • Researching applicable regulations, hospital procedures and documentation processes to identify compliance failures.
  • Working with finance experts to fully calculate current and future medical costs, lost personal/household earning capacity, and other monetary damages directly resulting from the medical negligence.

Our lawyers take the time to build a thoroughly researched, evidence-backed case regarding exactly what went wrong, who is responsible, and the true severity of damages suffered by an injured victim or surviving family. We invest in our cases and have a proven record of success.

Compensation Available in Medical Malpractice Claims

When medical negligence leads to catastrophic injury or wrongful death, victims experience immense suffering and costly damages through no fault of their own. No dollar amount could ever make up for related losses, however monetary compensation can provide:

  • Funding for extensive medical treatment, rehabilitation services, medications and assistive devices
  • In-home nursing care and life care assistance
  • Special education services for injured children
  • Loss of consortium damages for impact on marital relations
  • Lost income from missing work, losing a job or impaired earning capacity
  • Support for deceased victims’ surviving spouses & dependents
  • Funeral and burial costs

The accomplished medical malpractice lawyers at Moseley Collins Law have recovered millions for past clients over the years. Successful verdicts and settlements often reach well into the millions depending on the severity, permanence of injuries and number of victims impacted by the negligent actions.

We fight fiercely to secure the maximum financial compensation owed to clients based on the long-term repercussions suffered — whether through insurer negotiations, mediation or trial litigation. However, no case is too small for our lawyers to review if our legal investigation finds support for negligence arguments. Clients pay us nothing upfront and owe no fees unless we win your case. Please reach out today to learn more about your options.

Finding Accountable Parties in Malpractice Cases

Medical negligence often does not result from just one healthcare provider’s careless actions. Multiple doctors, nurses, specialists, assistants, pharmacies and other parties can share liability for avoidable patient harms.

Some potentially negligent parties in medical malpractice lawsuits can include:

  • Primary Care Doctors
  • Medical Specialists
  • Surgeons & Anesthesia Professionals
  • Nurses & Nurse Practitioners
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Nursing Homes & Rehabilitation Centers
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Medical Device Manufacturers
Why Choose Us for Your Medical Malpractice Case

Moseley Collins Law is a distinguished medical malpractice firm providing committed legal advocacy to clients in San Luis Obispo County, CA and nationwide. Our award-winning team has over 40 years of combined experience exclusively handling malpractice litigation and have recovered millions for past clients and families.

We offer personalized attention through every stage of these highly complex cases. Our top-rated reputation is built on a long record of justice-achieving results for victims of life-altering medical negligence or wrongful death. Moseley Collins Law works on contingency allowing stress-free legal representation with no bills or fees owed unless we win money for your situation.

To learn more and schedule a free consultation with a knowledgeable medical malpractice team in San Luis Obispo County, please call 800-426-5546 or contact us online. The experienced lawyers at Moseley Collins Law will carefully examine what happened in your situation to determine if you have grounds for a potential malpractice lawsuit and then advise you on all your options. We are always happy to help even if we cannot officially take on a case ourselves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) What qualifies as medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare professional fails to meet the accepted standard of care when treating or diagnosing a patient, resulting in injury, harm or death that would have otherwise been prevented with proper care. Examples include surgical errors, childbirth injuries, misdiagnoses, medication errors, and more.

How long do I have to file a medical malpractice claim in California?

California has strict statutes of limitations on filing medical malpractice claims. Adults generally have one year from the date of discovery to file a claim. For cases involving a death, the filing deadline is one year from the date of passing. For children, it varies based on age.

What types of damages can I claim in a medical malpractice case?

You may be able to claim damages to cover additional medical treatment, rehabilitation services, loss of income and earning capacity, and other expenses directly relating to injuries/harm caused by medical negligence. Families of deceased victims can claim funeral costs and loss of consortium damages.

Does proving a malpractice claim require a medical expert?

Medical experts are usually required to establish that a healthcare provider breached the accepted standard of medical care which led to avoidable patient harm. An experienced malpractice attorney can consult with qualified experts to build a strong case.

Why should I choose Moseley Collins Law for my malpractice case?

Moseley Collins Law has over 40 years focused exclusively on these complex cases. Our reputation and results record speaks for itself. We thoroughly investigate each case and spare no expense litigating to get victims maximum compensation. Consultations are free and we don’t get paid unless we win.

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