Rollover Accidents

In a rollover accident, the vehicle rolls completely over, often times more than once. Making up only three percent of nationwide vehicle accidents does not make them any less deadly however. Twenty-three percent of fatal car accidents involved a roll-over. They are not very common but when they occur it can be with the most devastating of results. When a roll-over occurs, they are almost always deadly.

It takes a great amount of force to cause a vehicle to roll over. It is this very strength and force that makes roll over crashes so dangerous. There is a misconception that only large vehicles like SUV’s, busses and vans are at risk for roll over, however, all vehicles can roll over for any number of reasons. While many roll-over accidents occur because of negligent driving, many do not. Road conditions, weather and the vehicle itself can all play a role in a roll-over accident.

While all cars and trucks can roll-over, certain vehicle design elements can attribute even more to a roll –over. Tall, narrow vehicles with a high center of gravity have a better chance at a deadly roll-over accident than smaller, lower to the ground cars and trucks. Unkempt and badly maintained roads also have a strong possibility of causing a roll-over accident. Pot holes in the road and other obstructions can cause a car or truck to go off the road and flip.

Sadly, many roll-over accidents are caused by a driver’s negligence. Speeding, reckless driving and driving distracted are all actions that can cause a fatal roll-over accident. When a person is harmed in a roll-over accident due to someone else’s negligence, they are eligible to receive recompense for their damages.

Driving negligent makes you responsible for any accident that occurs as a result. Negligent driving that can cause a rollover can be anything from speeding and reckless driving to driving distracted, intoxicated or irresponsibly. Even if the roll-over occurred as a result of an accidental action, the negligent driver is still responsible. Speed is one of the biggest negligent driving issues that can cause roll-overs. At least seventy-five percent of fatal roll-overs are due to speeds in excess of 55 MPH.

In order for a victim of a roll-over to be able to acquire remuneration for their damages they must be able to prove where and by who the negligence occurred. This can be accomplished by use of the police reports, insurance investigations, witness reports and photographs of the accident scene and damages. Circumstantial and/or indirect evidence can also be helpful. This is especially true if the indirect evidence points to alcohol use while driving.

Roll-over accidents can be devastating if not deadly and leave the victims with life-long injuries and health problems, many of which become financially devastating. Searching for a cash settlement becomes a necessity for survival. Because of the devastating issues these accidents cause, trials are often confusing and highly technical. It is imperative to fully educate yourself before beginning legal proceedings for a successful case. 

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