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Pot Hole Accidents

Pot holes occur in every type of road all over the country. State, municipal and county roads are all subject to pot hole occurrences. Year after year of vehicles travelling along a road will eventually begin to destroy it. This is especially true where larger trucks, buses and transport vehicles travel. Not only are roadways effected, but sidewalks and parking lots can also develop pot holes that cause accident and injury. Certain areas have recurring issues with pot holes regardless of how often they are repaired. Parts of the country that experience inclement weather are also more prone to pot hole issues.

The responsibility for repairs lays with the city and/or state authorities. Often, cities and towns cannot afford to repair pot holes in their roadways. Budget cuts and a slow economy can cause government officials to place road repairs at the bottom of the to-do list. The repercussions being the grave damages that can occur when a vehicle hits one of them.

When a vehicle hits a pot hole great damage can occur. The higher the rate of speed on impact, the greater chance of damage and injury. When the tire falls into the pot hole, the suspension and wheel can sustain damage and cause the driver to lose control of the car. Drivers hitting a pot hole can potentially shoot out into oncoming traffic. Others drivers may swerve to avoid a driver in a pot hole and hit them or other cars on the road. Pot holes can also cause damage when a driver swerves to avoid it and overcorrects, causing them to hit another car.

Hitting or falling into a pot hole can cause all variety of personal injury including back, neck and tailbone injuries, nerve and joint damage, sprains, torn ligaments, broken bones, scarring, disfigurement and even brain injury. The depth of the pot hole, its location in the road and the speed at which it is hit all have a degree of responsibility in the damage. The force of the accident can cause the bodies inside the car to be whipped and banged around inside the car. Injuries come from these impacts. In other cases, the vehicle can actually be torn apart and its occupants cut and lacerated by parts of the accident. Many of the same injuries can occur from pot holes in a sidewalk. Pedestrians and bicyclists falling into sidewalk pot holes can break bones, hit their head and develop brain injuries or a broken neck.

Pot hole injuries can cause a variety of issues resulting in loss of work, medical treatment and exorbitant medical bills, loss of wages, and a plethora of mental health issues. It often takes years to recover fully from a pot hole incident. Persistent reporting of pot holes to the appropriate authorities can help get them repaired faster. Maintaining correct speed on the road can also go a long way in minimizing the damage a pot hole can do. When swerving to avoid a pot hole, it’s important to keep other drivers in mind and not to over correct.