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Have you or a loved one been the victim of a devastating injury due to the medical malpractice of a Pacifica area healthcare provider? You deserve legal advocates who will fight for the compensation you need. The medical malpractice lawyers of Moseley Collins Law have over 40 years of experience winning millions for clients harmed by negligent doctors, nurses, hospitals and clinics.

If you believe improper, delayed or substandard medical care resulted in catastrophic brain damage, paralysis, severe disability requiring 24/7 care, or the devastating loss of a loved one, contact our dedicated medical malpractice lawyers immediately for a free consultation. Our lawyers can assess your situation, advise if you have grounds for a case, and rigorously investigate to build a strategy focused on securing you the maximum financial recovery. With an established record of million dollar+ settlements for clients across the nation, Moseley Collins Law can provide the savvy and compassionate legal representation you deserve.

Types of Medical Malpractice We Handle

Few experiences are more traumatic than suffering permanent disability or the loss of a loved one due to the medical negligence of Pacifica area healthcare professionals you trusted to provide quality treatment. Yet when such devastating mistakes or oversights do occur, you have legal rights under California law.

The Pacifica medical malpractice lawyers of Moseley Collins Law can aggressively pursue justice and compensation for clients harmed by:

  • Misdiagnosis & Delayed Diagnosis - Failure to promptly detect and treat conditions like cancer, infections, bleeding strokes and other problems can radically worsen outcomes.
  • Childbirth & Labor Negligence - When errors are made during prenatal care or delivery, the impacts to both mother and child can be catastrophic.
  • Prescription & Medication Errors - Improper prescriptions, dosages and drug combinations can trigger dangerous health reactions.
  • Surgical Errors & Complications - Reckless mistakes during invasive procedures can leave patients permanently damaged or deceased.
  • Nursing Home Negligence & Abuse - Many devastated families have entrusted us with seeking accountability for elder neglect or abuse.
Common Examples of Medical Malpractice Errors

During 40 years advocating for hospital negligence victims, we have handled malpractice cases involving:

  • Emergency Room Mistakes - Failure to thoroughly evaluate and test ER patients can lead to missed critical diagnoses.
  • Surgical Errors & Complications - Reckless mistakes during invasive procedures.
  • Infection & Sepsis Mismanagement - When signs of serious infections are ignored or masked.
  • Medication & Prescription Errors - Administering incorrect dosages and dangerous drug combinations.
  • Anesthesia Accidents- Critical errors calculating and monitoring anesthesia.
  • Discharged Too Soon - Missing vital health problems by rushing discharge.Major Pacifica Hospitals & Medical Centers
Major Pacifica Hospitals & Medical Centers

Pacifica and surrounding suburbs are served by several major hospitals, including:

Seton Medical Center Coastside

A full-service hospital providing key specialities like cancer care, cardiology, orthopedics, gastroenterology and women’s health. Website:

Mills-Peninsula Medical Center

Part of Sutter Health network, providing emergency, birth, surgical and specialty care for San Mateo region. Website:

UCSF Medical Center

Prestigious University of California hospital with advanced treatment options not offered elsewhere.

San Francisco VA Medical Center

Veterans Affairs hospital delivering complete care to those who served our country. Website:

Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Medical Center

Large managed care hospital network serving members across the Bay Area.

Areas We Serve in Pacifica & Greater San Francisco Region

As dedicated Pacifica medical malpractice lawyers, we handle hospital negligence cases for residents across:

  • Pacifica Including neighborhoods like Rockaway Beach, Linda Mar, Pedro Point, Vallemar and Sharp Park
  • Daly City Including areas like Serramonte, Colma, Broadmoor, Junipero Serra and Crocker
  • San Bruno Including neighborhoods like The Highlands, San Bruno Park and part of El Crystal
  • South San Francisco Including Sign Hill, Mission Southwood and sections of El Granada

If you suffered medical harm anywhere in this region, our lawyers can evaluate your situation and options for pursuing negligence compensation.

Most Common Examples of Pacifica Medical Malpractice & Negligence

As dedicated Pacifica-area medical malpractice lawyers, we have seen the awful impacts of hospital negligence first hand across a wide range of situations:

Failure to Promptly Respond to Changing Vital Signs

When doctors or nurses disregard or fail to rapidly intervene with appropriate care when they note a concerning shift in vitals, it can have catastrophic implications. Tragically, delayed response to signs of stroke, shock, cardiac distress, breathing problems or infections robbed many Pacifica patients of quality years.

Inadequate Infection Prevention in Hospitals & Clinics

Below standard hygiene practices among hospital personnel and negligence in isolating contagious patients breeds drug-resistant superbugs. Far too many Pacifica families suffering IV-related bloodstream infections, surgical site infections or sepsis have entrusted our firm with making hospitals accountable.

Reckless Discharge of Patients

Driven by cost-cutting pressures, patients are too often prematurely discharged or released without adequate transitional care instructions. The consequences suffered by victims of this calculated negligence can be emotionally and financially devastating for families.

What Damages Can Pacifica Medical Malpractice Lawyers Sue For?

What Damages Can Pacifica Medical Malpractice Lawyers Sue For?

When substandard medical treatment causes grave patient harm or death, impacted families may have grounds for legal action to recover:

Economic Hospital Negligence Damages - Reimbursement for all quantified care costs, lost wages, benefits and other necessities is vital. By meticulously calculating and proving all current and future economic impacts, our Pacifica medical malpractice lawyers can secure you optimal compensation.

Non-Economic Damages - No amount of money can make up for the agony of disability or loss of a loved one. But qualifying Pacifica families may still pursue additional payouts for pain, suffering and emotional damages.

Punitive Awards - If negligence is exceptionally reprehensible, we might pursue court-ordered fines levied against the hospital or doctor to deter continued egregious wrongdoing.

Statute of Limitations for Filing Pacifica Medical Malpractice Claims

California statute 95-1 outlines important time limits for formally pursuing hospital negligence compensation in civil court after incident discovery. Namely:

  • 3 years for Adult Medical Malpractice Claim
  • Typically 8 Years for Minors

To best preserve your rights, discuss your potential Pacifica-area malpractice case with our lawyers immediately. We can assess details confidentially and advise you on the strongest basis for action well within state time limits.

Moseley Collins Law - Proven Medical Malpractice Lawyers For over forty years, victims denied justice have trusted our firm’s lawyers to fight for accountability and maximum compensation in even the most medically-complex hospital negligence cases. Our team has won millions for local and nationwide clients harmed by healthcare providers. What sets us apart is:

  • Decades Proven in Medical Malpractice Litigation - Few Pacifica firms can match our case experience holding hospitals liable.
  • Rigorous Preparation and Meticulous Investigation - We leave no detail unscrutinized and devote ample resources to demonstrate exactly how clients were harmed by negligent actions. To confirm malpractice, we hire multiple independent specialists to intimately review your records.
  • Client-First Compassion - We know representations focused solely on bottom line profits fail too many injured victims. Our supportive Pacifica lawyers listen to you like family and tailor advocacy to your needs.
  • Millions Won for Clients - Our track record of delivering results through settlements and verdicts maximizes family recoveries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)How can you tell if what happened was actually malpractice instead of just an accident or normal complication?

Determining if malpractice occurred requires understanding the proper standard of care you should have received compared to what mistakes may have actually been made in your treatment. Our extensive medical expertise allows our Pacifica medical malpractice lawyers to make this assessment by reviewing factors like:

  • Your medical records documentation
  • Testimony of impartial medical expert witnesses we engage
  • Healthcare facility's own internal investigation

By gathering and scrutinizing this evidence, we build a case demonstrating that what you experienced is not reasonably expected complication, but clear negligence.

Don’t I need to show long-term disability to claim medical malpractice?

Absolutely not. Under California law, as long as negligent medical care caused you harm and losses you can quantify, you may still have a strong basis for legal action. Our Pacifica medical malpractice lawyers can pursue robust compensation whether your suffering was:

  • Temporary increased pain & suffering
  • Long-term impacts like lost income
  • Catastrophic lifetime disabilities or care costs

No matter what the scale, we still demand hospitals be held fully accountable.

Could filing a malpractice claim impact my ongoing care at the same hospital?

Understandably some victims hesitate to pursue rightful legal action fearing healthcare providers might retaliate by denying access to follow-up treatment. However, such vindictive denial of care is expressly illegal. Our lawyers advise clients on steps to preserve evidence and build an airtight case while still coordinating needed medical care.

Who pays when I win my Pacifica area malpractice case?

The compensation that our Pacifica medical malpractice lawyers secure is paid out from multiple sources, depending on who shared in negligence. This often includes:

  • Direct hospital system payouts
  • Awards from the liable doctor’s personal malpractice insurance
  • Reimbursements from manufacturers of defective devices

Regardless of where funds originate, our top priority is maximizing your total financial recovery.

How much does pursuing a malpractice claim cost upfront?

The experienced Pacifica medical malpractice lawyers at Moseley Collins Law offer representation built around the needs of suffering clients, not locking you into upfront fee obligations. We work on a contingency fee basis - collecting nothing unless we successfully secure you compensation. All case costs are advanced by our firm and reimbursed only when we win your case. With no out-of-pocket burden, we empower harmed Pacifica families to pursue justified accountability.

The agony of grappling with lifetime disability or loss of a loved one cannot be overstated. The experienced Pacifica medical malpractice lawyers of Moseley Collins Law are here to help suffering families. We encourage you to contact us online or call 800-426-5546 for a free, no-obligation case assessment.

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