Old Age Related Accidents

People are staying active longer in life than ever before. Not only that, but people are healthier longer than previous years. In years gone by, people tended to live in serious, steadily debilitation health during the last few years of their lives. That is no longer the case. With so many people living longer, healthier lives than ever before in human history, there are more elderly people on the roads as well. For the most part, people stay alert and able to drive well into their golden years and when they no longer can a family member helps hem deal with it. Sometimes, unfortunately, an elderly person with dementia or other age related malady will get behind the wheel and cause an accident.

Old Age Related AccidentsThere are over 40 million licensed adults over the age of 65. Older drivers can also be a great danger to themselves on the road, sometimes even more so than to others. Their death rate from the same types of accidents that other drivers have is higher. The chances of being killed when in a car accident significantly rise after the age of 70. A report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) says that older drivers particularly have trouble at intersections because of the need for quick decision making and an accurate judgment of speed and distance.

There are several ways the body begins to become inefficient in driving skills. Joints, tendons and muscles stiffen and do not work as quickly or even in the direction needed. Looking backwards and quick foot movements may not be possible. Eyesight also becomes an issue. It changes with age so things far away may not be as clear. Night time driving can be a problem because of the glare from on-coming headlights, streetlights and homes on the roadside. Hearing also changes with age. It is often harder for older to hear other cars honk, screech their brakes or the sirens of emergency vehicles. It is also important to hear the sounds of the car’s engine and the audio notifications it gives the driver. Reaction time can also be an issue. Age can dull reaction and reflex time.

Mental complications like dementia, Alzheimer’s and cognitive impairment cause serious difficulty for elderly drivers.  Dementia causes the brain’s visual processing centers to be disrupted. Cognitive impairment happens to many people as they age and it has a detrimental effect on driving skills. It effects the short-term memory, judgment, attention and problem solving skills. Neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s are irreversible and has a serious effect on short term memory.

Many states have government programs in place for elderly drivers that can aid them in finding ways of transportation and help them get used to living without driving. They also aid elderly drivers in taking care of their eyesight and hearing driving related issues. Several governmental reports have also been issued that suggest various programs to implement that could help elderly drivers like larger road signs with more advanced notice of exits and intersections.

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