Nevada County

California’s Sierra Nevada western slope is home to Nevada County with a population of over 98,000 people. It was an important region of the state’s formative years when the gold rush began. The epitome of a Wild West town, there were many monumental moments, structures and inventions that are still in use today, making it a popular tourist destination.

Nevada City, the county seat, was named for the Spanish word meaning snowy or snow-covered and was the first place to use the word in its own name. To this day, the town persists in keeping it as close to its original state as possible. All signage and elements of the modern world are carefully hidden to give it the look of a real gold rush town from the early 1900’s. The first long distance telephone call was made here, and it was one of the first places to use electric lights in the state along with Grass Valley, the other city in Nevada County. There is also an incorporated town in Nevada County called Truckee, originally Coburn Station. The famous Donner Party ordeal happened in this area.

There are several walking tours to see the historical sites of Nevada County including the Edward Coleman House, the Tremoureux House, the Stone House, the W.C. Jones Memorial Hospital, St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Del Oro Theater and the Holbrooke Hotel. Several major highways and state routes run through Nevada County including Interstate 80, state routes 20, 49, 89, and 174. Several public transportations options also exists. They include the Gold Country Stage bus service, Tahoe Area Rapid Transit, as well as Greyhound and Amtrack stops.

Nevada County has its fair share of car accidents with all these busy roadways running through it. One of the most tragic occurred when two young teens were killed in Grass Valley. A 19 year old driver lost control while speeding and flew off a curb near Tyler Foote Road on Highway 49. Both driver and his 19 year old passenger were killed.

Seventeen year old Emily Brightwood was killed in February of 2015 near the same spot. For reasons unknown Brightwood lost control along highway 49 and spun through all lanes of traffic. Her Subaru wagon was struck by northbound Lincoln, injuring the two passengers inside.

Nevada County saw another devastating accident when Peter Drainville was killed and another injured when they collided near highway 20. A California Highway Patrol spokesperson said Drainville’s Jeep Wrangler drifted over the yellow lines and sideswiped another car causing him to lose control of his Jeep. Swerving wildly across both lanes of traffic, he eventually hit a pick-up truck head on. The pick-ups passengers suffered minor injuries.

The most unfortunate and sad of Nevada County accidents may be the case of the 40 year old woman, Fang Ling, who was struck and killed while waiting for her own car to be pulled from a snowbank. She was a passenger in the car and when the driver slipped into the snowbank the two exited as an uninvolved stranger stopped to pull them out. Approximately 10 minutes later another driver spun off the road hitting and killing Ling.

Car accidents, whether caused by accident, weather or negligent drivers can be devastating. Loss of mobility, wages, lifestyle, property and mental health can all be a product of a car accident. The entire family and loved ones of the victim are effected, especially if the family breadwinner is the victim. Receiving competent legal representation after a car accident can mean the difference between getting back the life you once had and struggling with pain and destitution for the remainder of your days.

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