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Multi-Car Accident Kills Grandmother/Grandson — Sep 22, 2017

An accident that killed two people near the Madison Avenue off-ramp Friday, led to another crash along westbound I80. The accident began when a tow truck towing a car hit a Hyundai Sonata that had broken down in the middle of the road. It did not have lights on. The impact pushed the broken down car along the highway and into the number one lane. As the tow truck entered the lane, a Toyota crashed into it. All three cars stopped at that point. That’s when the driver of a Dodge Ram put on his flashers and pulled over to help. Two more cars came along and rammed the Dodge. One of the cars caught fire. A 62-year-old grandmother, Bennie Harriel and her 15-year-old grandson, Tayarrie Sims were killed.