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If you or a loved one have suffered an injury or wrongful death due to medical negligence at a Moraga area hospital or medical facility, the expert medical malpractice lawyers at Moseley Collins Law can help. With over 40 years of experience representing victims in complex medical malpractice and personal injury cases, our lawyers have recovered millions for clients. We offer free consultations to review the details of your case.


Suffering an injury due to medical negligence can be a painful, life changing event. When healthcare professionals or hospitals fail in their duty to provide reasonable medical care, the consequences can be catastrophic. All too often we see stories in the news involving cases of misdiagnoses, surgical errors, medication mistakes, poor aftercare, and more. But many more incidents go unreported each year across the nation and here in Moraga.

If you believe that mistakes or negligence by your doctors, surgeons, hospitals or other medical providers caused you or a loved one harm, you may have grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit in Moraga. The experienced medical malpractice lawyers at Moseley Collins Law pursue fair compensation for clients nationwide. We handle all types of negligence and malpractice cases involving birth injuries, delayed diagnosis, surgical mistakes and more. Our lawyers thoroughly investigate hospital negligence cases by hiring multiple independent medical experts to review records and identify errors that negatively impacted your standard of care.

This page provides a helpful overview of working with our Moraga medical malpractice and hospital negligence law firm to seek compensation for your injuries.

Major Hospitals Serving Moraga

Major Hospitals Serving Moraga

As home to St. Mary's College, Moraga has top medical facilities available right in the local community as well as nearby in surrounding cities. These include:

John Muir Medical Center

The closest trauma center offering comprehensive treatment.

Website: John Muir Health

Kaiser Permanente Medical Center

Large HMO with a full-service hospital and specialty care.

Website: Kaiser Permanente

San Ramon Regional Medical Center

Modern community hospital with 24/7 ER and medical imaging services.

Website: San Ramon Regional

St. Mary's College Health & Wellness Center

On-campus clinic for students offering basic healthcare.

Website: St. Mary's College Health Services

Areas We Serve

In addition to the town of Moraga itself, Moseley Collins Law serves injured victims throughout central Contra Costa County, including:

  • Lafayette
  • Orinda
  • Canyon
  • Camino Tassajara
  • Rheem
  • Rossmoor

We also handle cases statewide and accept clients from the entire Bay Area metro region as well as across California suffering harm from medical negligence.

Common Medical Malpractice Cases We Handle

Medical errors and negligence can happen across virtually any healthcare setting and specialty. Some of the more common types of medical malpractice and negligence cases we pursue compensation for victims with include:

Birth Injuries
  • Brain damage
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Brachial plexus injuries

These often occur when doctors or nurses fail to promptly diagnose or respond to fetal distress, use improper birthing methods, or make other mistakes during labor and delivery.

Surgical Errors
  • Wrong-site surgery
  • Foreign objects left inside patients after surgery
  • Damage to organs/nerves
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Infection due to negligence

Reckless mistakes during surgical procedures can cause serious harm or death.

Failure to Diagnose
  • Cancer
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Infections
  • Other conditions

Spotting and accurately diagnosing conditions in a timely manner is critical for patient outcomes. Missed or delayed diagnoses often lead to preventable harm.

Medication Errors
  • Wrong drugs or dosages prescribed
  • Adverse reactions not addressed properly
  • Administering medication to the wrong patient
  • Ignoring harmful drug interactions

Prescribing and administering medications requires great care to avoid human errors.

Nursing Home Abuse
  • Bedsores
  • Dehydration or malnutrition
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Physical/emotional abuse

Elderly nursing home residents often depend entirely on staff for care and are vulnerable to neglect and abuse.

And other types of medical negligence. If your incident involved harm that could have been prevented by reasonable medical care, we want to help you pursue your case.

How We Investigate Medical Malpractice Cases

How We Investigate Medical Malpractice Cases

If you have suffered harm due to potential medical negligence, conducting a thorough investigation is key to determining if you have a valid malpractice claim. Here is an overview of how our legal team approaches investigating cases to uncover breaches in the standard of care.

Gathering Medical Records and Documents

The first step our lawyers take is collecting all relevant medical paperwork tied to the alleged negligence. This includes things like:

  • Hospital charts and progress notes
  • Test results, scans, and pathology reports
  • Doctor's notes and logs
  • Pharmacy/medication records
  • Billing statements
  • And more

We leave no stone unturned when gathering the documentation that paints a full picture of the care received.

Consulting Medical Experts to Review the Records

Next, we engage medical specialists with appropriate credentials to scrutinize the chart notes, test results, and other records. Identifying deviations from normal protocols and care standards expected within the profession is crucial.

We consult multiple independent experts across specialties to get objective unbiased opinions regarding whether acceptable standards were breached. Thorough record reviews from several experts carry significant weight.

Interviewing Involved Healthcare Professionals

Our lawyers also contact the treating doctors, nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists, specialists, and any other providers involved to ask follow up questions. Discrepancies in the accounts given can further strengthen investigation findings.

Assessing Accuracy of Medical Facility Incident Reports

Unfortunately, internal reports from the involved hospital or medical facility itself often appear more favorable to the providers than an independent investigation. But reviewing these initial incident reports and analysis for inconsistencies still provides value.

Reconstructing Sequence of Events Leading to Injury

With the medical records, expert reviews, interviews, internal reports, and our client’s detailed accounting of events, our legal team pieces together an accurate timeline of exactly what happened leading up to the resulting medical injury or death.

Armed with a thoroughly documented independent investigation demonstrating where standards of care were breached and how it caused undue harm, we build a strong case on our client’s behalf. A credible finding of medical negligence provides leverage in seeking a fair settlement from insurance companies.

Why Choose Us?

We have decades of combined experience with medical malpractice law specifically in medical malpractice.

Moseley Collins Law also has the financial resources to thoroughly litigate these complex cases against well-funded hospitals and insurance companies. Medical malpractice lawsuits often come down to the credibility of expert witnesses and testimony. We hire multiple doctors in relevant fields to review records and clearly explain how care standards were breached. Our reputation and record of success applies pressure on defendants to provide fair compensation rather than risk an expensive public trial.

Other benefits our firm offers Moraga clients:

  • Free consultations to review your case details
  • We collect no payment unless we successfully resolve your case
  • We cover all case costs so you pay nothing out of pocket
  • You deal directly with our lawyers, not assistants or paralegals
  • We are highly accessible and responsive to client needs
  • Home/hospital visits available for injured victims
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Frequently Asked QuestionsDon’t wait to pursue maximum compensation and accountability. California medical malpractice cases must be filed within 1 year from the discovery (or within 3 years from date of injury in some situations). Time limits apply regarding your legal options.

To arrange a free consultation with our lawyers serving Moraga medical malpractice victims, call us today at 800-426-5546 or complete our simple case review form and we will contact you shortly. We are happy to make home or hospital visits as needed to meet with injured clients unable to travel.

Let us help you seek the justice you deserve after medical negligence causes preventable harm or death. We pursue the highest possible financial recoveries so victims and families can focus on healing with one less worry.

Frequently Asked Questions1. How Much Does It Cost to Hire Your Moraga Medical Malpractice Law Firm?

We offer free case evaluations and collect no lawyer fee unless we successfully resolve your case - you pay nothing up front or throughout the process.

2. What Kinds of Negligence Cases Do You Handle?

Our lawyers handle all types of medical malpractice and personal injury cases involving negligence, from birth injuries to surgical errors to nursing home abuse and more.

3. How Long Do I Have to File a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit in California?

In most cases you have 1 year from the date of injury or negligence to file a claim, or 1 year from when negligence was discovered (up to 3 years from date of incident at most).

4. Can Someone Meet With Me Locally to Discuss My Potential Malpractice Case?

Yes, we can arrange in-person consultations at our office, your home, or the hospital to evaluate your situation if you are unable to travel.

5. How Are Medical Malpractice Lawyers Paid?

We take malpractice cases on a contingency fee basis - we only collect if we successfully resolve your case. And clients owe no upfront payments for costs either. This removes barriers to justice.

To learn more or arrange a free consultation with a lawyer, contact our Moraga medical malpractice law firm online or call 800-426-5546 today.

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