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If you or a loved one has suffered harm due to negligence or mistakes by a medical provider or hospital in the Monterey, California area, a medical malpractice lawyer can help. At Moseley Collins Law, our experienced hospital negligence lawyers exclusively handle medical error cases in Monterey and surrounding Central Coast cities like Salinas, Marina, Seaside, Pacific Grove, Carmel, Pebble Beach and more.

For over 40 years, our legal team has fought for justice and maximum compensation for clients injured by substandard healthcare nationwide. Learn more below about your legal options if you have been affected by a serious injury or wrongful death caused by medical malpractice in Monterey County hospitals and clinics.

Understanding Medical Malpractice in Monterey County

Medical malpractice occurs when a Monterey healthcare professional breaches their duty of care and this negligence causes significant injury or death. Doctors, nurses, specialists or even dentists and chiropractors can all be held liable. If you or your family member has experienced an unexpected serious diagnosis or outcome after medical treatment in Monterey County, it may signify medical negligence warranting investigation.

Common examples of medical mistakes we see from hospitals, emergency rooms, and providers include:

  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of a serious illness or disease
  • Surgical errors like operating on the wrong body part
  • Prescription or pharmacy dispensing errors
  • Failure to order tests or detect issues through monitoring
  • Discharging patients prematurely without stabilizing acute medical conditions
  • Birth injuries to baby during labor and delivery

All Monterey medical professionals must adhere to “standards of care” for diagnosis and treatment of patients based on symptoms and conditions. If your doctor or hospital failed to provide this reasonable level of care – and you suffered harm as a result – you may have a valid case for compensation by filing a medical malpractice lawsuit or claim.

An experienced medical malpractice lawyer can help investigate your case, negotiate with insurance companies, and take legal action if appropriate. With extensive experience and resources, our Monterey medical negligence lawyers thoroughly evaluate records, consult medical experts, build strong legal arguments regarding negligence and causation, and relentlessly represent your best interests.

Major Hospitals Serving Monterey County Residents

Major Hospitals Serving Monterey County Residents

Below is an overview of main hospitals and medical facilities in the Monterey area:

Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula – Monterey CHA-affiliated hospital with award winning care and 24/7 emergency department located conveniently off Highway 1.


Montage Medical Center – Monterey Full-service medical center providing primary care, specialty services, lab testing, imaging, urgent care and more.


Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital – Salinas Trusted community hospital providing complete healthcare services from routine to specialized care.


Natividad Medical Center – Salinas Level II trauma center owned and operated by Monterey County providing specialized care to underserved residents.


Surrounding Cities and Areas We Serve

In addition to Monterey, Salinas, Marina, Seaside, Carmel, and Pacific Grove, our dedicated medical malpractice lawyers represent injured victims and grieving loved ones from communities across Monterey County, including:

  • Pebble Beach
  • Del Rey Oaks
  • Sand City
  • Castroville
  • Prunedale
  • Boronda
  • Moss Landing
  • Chualar
  • Gonzales
  • Soledad
  • Greenfield
  • King City

If you or a family member experienced medical negligence resulting in significant harm anywhere in greater Monterey County, we encourage you to exercise your legal rights and pursue a malpractice claim with a lawyer's assistance. We have the expertise and credentials to stand up against large hospitals and insurance groups to fight for the justice and financial recovery you deserve.

Injuries Frequently Caused by Medical Negligence

There is a wide range of serious injuries and outcomes when Monterey healthcare professionals fail to meet reasonable standards of care, including:

  • Brain damage or permanent neurological harm
  • Cerebral palsy due to birth injuries
  • Heart attack or cardiac injuries
  • Wrong limb or digit amputation
  • Paralysis or loss of mobility
  • Severe infections
  • Stroke or aneurysm
  • Spinal cord injuries causing nerve damage or paralysis
  • Blindness or vision loss
  • Kidney damage or organ failure
  • Wrongful death of loved one

No amount of money can undo harm from medical negligence. But holding negligent Monterey County hospitals, physicians and nurses accountable can help survivors pay for lifelong care, rehabilitation, accessible housing, loss of wages, and other critical necessities. An experienced medical malpractice lawyer can actively pursue fair financial compensation through insurance claims negotiations or filing a lawsuit. This occurs in parallel with coping, grieving and moving forward from a devastating, life-changing medical error.

Damage Available in Medical Malpractice Cases

Damage Available in Medical Malpractice Cases The Effects and Compensation for Medical Malpractice

When medical professionals fail to meet reasonable standards of medical care, their negligent acts or omissions can have a devastating physical and emotional impact on a victim’s life. Fortunately, those impacted by medical malpractice in California have legal rights to seek compensation through filing a claim or lawsuit for damages caused by this negligence.

Compensatory Damages

Many types of compensatory damages may be awarded should a plaintiff prevail in a medical malpractice lawsuit. This further categorized into economic and non-economic losses.

Economic Losses

Money awarded for financial losses incurred can include:

  • Past and future medical treatment and expenses
  • Lost past and future wages
  • Loss of or reduced earning capacity
  • Rehabilitation services
  • In-home healthcare and assistance
  • Medical equipment and assistive devices
  • Out-of-pocket expenses

By being compensated for these economic impacts, survivors of medical negligence can financially stabilize and receive necessary care.

Non-economic Losses

Damages also cover harder to quantify non-economic losses from living with preventable injuries, health issues or losing a loved one, such as:

  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium for impact on marital relations
  • Physical pain and mental anguish
  • Loss of companionship from wrongful death
  • Permanent disabilities and disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment and pleasures of life
Punitive Damages

In rare circumstances where negligence is truly extreme or egregious, a California plaintiff can recover additional punitive damages aimed at punishing a defendant’s outrageous misconduct. This is capped at 2-3 times actual damage amounts.

An Experienced Lawyer Can Calculate Total Damage Value

By understanding available damages, keeping detailed records of losses incurred, and building a strong argument connecting negligence to harm, a skilled medical malpractice lawyer can pursue the maximum compensation a plaintiff deserves through insurance negotiations or in court. With someone in your corner uncovering what went wrong and relentlessly fighting for you or your loved one, the financial recovery – while not erasing what happened – can facilitate the extensive care and changed living circumstances often necessitated after life-altering medical negligence occurs.

Why Choose Us? How Our Monterey Medical Malpractice Lawyers Can Help

Moseley Collins Law has been advocating for victims of medical negligence and malpractice statewide since the 1980s. Our award-winning Monterey medical malpractice lawyers are known for guiding clients compassionately through the legal process following catastrophes and wrongful death caused by healthcare errors. When hospitals and insurance companies fail to accept responsibility and compensate survivors fairly, our lawyers have the expertise, credentials and proven track record to stand up against them.

What sets our healthcare negligence law firm apart:

  • Over 40 years combined legal experience with medical malpractice and personal injury
  • Multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements secured for severely injured clients
  • Tenacious yet caring team of veteran medical malpractice lawyers
  • Each case rigorously reviewed by experienced malpractice lawyer
  • Independent medical experts analyze cases from plaintiff’s standpoint
  • No upfront payments required; we work on contingency-fee basis
  • Supportive legal guidance focused on you and your family’s needs

Moseley Collins Law is here to advise if you or a loved one suffered irreparable harm due to medical negligence in Monterey County. Call 800-426-5546 or contact our lawyers online for a FREE consultation. We are committed to uncovering what went wrong and recovering damages to facilitate financial stability and your best path moving forward after medical-error caused catastrophe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Do I have a valid medical malpractice case?

If your Monterey doctor, nurse or hospital failed to meet accepted standards of medical care and this negligence directly caused you significant harm, you may have a strong claim. A lawyer can help investigate and build your case.

What key evidence is needed to prove Monterey medical malpractice?

You need to show 1) a provider-patient relationship existed 2) the healthcare professional breached their duty of care owed to you 3) this breach directly caused your injury or loved one’s death and 4) you suffered extensive damages as a result.

What types of compensation may be recovered in a Monterey medical negligence case?

You may recover damages for medical costs, lost income and earning capacity, rehabilitation services, assistive equipment, pain and suffering, and other hardships caused by malpractice.

Who pays my monetary compensation in a medical error lawsuit?

Compensation typically comes from the liable provider’s malpractice insurance coverage or hospital reserves set aside for negligence claims.

How much does hiring a medical malpractice lawyer cost upfront?

Our lawyers work on contingency, meaning no upfront fees and we only collect if we obtain recovery for you. We also front case costs rather than clients paying out of pocket.

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