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Suffering injuries or the loss of a loved one due to negligent medical care in Monroe can be emotionally and financially devastating. You place your health in the hands of doctors, nurses, hospitals and clinics expecting competent, attentive treatment. When serious, preventable errors occur because proper standards get ignored, you deserve accountability and fair compensation.

The medical malpractice lawyers at Moseley Collins Law have over 40 years of experience representing victims harmed by healthcare negligence nationwide. We handle a wide range of cases from surgical mistakes and medication errors to missed diagnoses and everything in between. Our extensive resources and litigation expertise equip us to build strong arguments proving medical negligence occurred when substandard care leads to catastrophic outcomes. We fight on behalf of injured clients and grieving families to obtain justice.

Below we explain what constitutes malpractice, provide examples of common medical errors we see, list major hospitals and clinics serving Monroe, and outline your options if harmed by a healthcare provider’s negligence in this area. Please reach out for a free consultation if you have questions about pursuing a case. We welcome the opportunity to review your situation and help you understand your rights.

Examples of Medical Malpractice Cases We Handle

While every malpractice case involves unique circumstances, some types of preventable medical errors arise more frequently than others. Patients and families often contact our Monroe medical malpractice lawyers regarding:

Failure to Diagnose or Misdiagnosis

Failing to recognize emerging symptoms of a serious illness or misinterpreting test results allows conditions like cancer, infections, or genetic disorders to rapidly advance unchecked. These errors may drastically worsen a patient’s prognosis and chance of survival. Lawyers must demonstrate that faster, more diligent diagnosis would have made a difference.

Surgical Errors and Mistakes

Even minor preventable surgical mishaps can cause grave harm. Botched procedures often necessitate corrective surgeries, leave permanent impairment or disfigurement, result in organ damage or require extended hospitalization and ICU care. Surgical errors run the gamut from operating on the wrong body part or unintended puncturing of organs to mistakes with anesthesia dosage and preventable post-op infections due to unsanitary conditions or inadequate incision care. Patients trust their surgical team to safely execute each step.

Childbirth Injuries

Labor and delivery involves complex coordination between physicians, nurses and specialized equipment. When poor decisions or lapses in protocol occur during prenatal care, birth or postpartum treatment, infants may sustain permanent nerve damage, brain injuries like cerebral palsy, Erb's palsy, or oxygen deprivation while mothers risk harm from hemorrhaging, hysterectomies and emotional trauma. Documentation often reveals warning signs that got ignored.

Pharmacy Prescription Errors

Mistakes filling prescriptions or administering medications cause countless injuries yearly. From an ER doctor prescribing contraindicated drugs to a nurse giving an improper dosage or pharmacist filling the wrong medication, oversight destroys trust in health providers. Prescription errors typically happen from miscommunication or failure to verify a drug's identity before dispensing and administering it. They can completely derail patient outcomes.

No matter how unique or complex the circumstances, the medical malpractice lawyers at Moseley Collins Law determine whether negligence occurred and if so, fight for injured clients and grieving families to obtain accountability and justice. Early consultation is key, so please reach out if you suspect mistakes in your care.

Major Medical Facilities Serving Monroe, WA

Major Medical Facilities Serving Monroe, WA

Below lists some of the main hospitals, clinics and care centers utilized by Monroe families:

EvergreenHealth Monroe – Part of the EvergreenHealth network, this critical access hospital offers emergency medicine, primary care clinics, surgical services and specialty providers serving east Snohomish County.

UW Medical Center – Northwest – Based in Seattle, UW Medicine runs this full-service hospital and ER less than 15 miles from Monroe, providing advanced heart care, cancer treatment, neurology and other specialty services.

Cascade Medical Center – Located in Arlington, about 17 miles northwest, Cascade Medical Center provides emergency care, childbirth services, orthopedics, general surgery and family medicine.

Seattle Children’s Hospital – This leading pediatric hospital with locations throughout Greater Seattle offers specialty treatment for critically ill or injured infants and children, including emergency room care.

Evergreen Medical Group – Operates a network of primary and specialty care clinics including this family medical clinic in Monroe offering wellness exams, disease management and chronic health support.

Common Medical Errors Resulting in Injury or Death

While we wish medical harm was rare, data shows preventable medical errors persist as a top ten cause of US deaths. Various researches indicate diagnostic mistakes, surgical complications and medication overdose impact huge numbers annually. When grievous errors violate standards of care, patients deserve justice. Our firm sees several categories of malpractice frequently:

  • Medication errors from prescribing through administering drugs
  • Misdiagnosis of heart attacks, infection, cancer, stroke
  • Surgical mistakes - operating on the wrong limb or leaving foreign objects inside patients after surgery
  • Anesthesia errors and improper equipment monitoring
  • Failure to recognize emerging symptoms or provide timely treatment
  • Mistakes coordinating complex treatment protocols
  • Childbirth injuries causing infant disabilities

No outcome can undo the damage done to victims and families. However, holding providers accountable aims to prevent repetition of negligence, provide families resources for care costs, and enact systemic improvements for safer medicine. It also brings a degree of closure.

Determining If Medical Malpractice Occurred in Your Case

Like any negligence claim, medical malpractice lawsuits require demonstrating:

  • The healthcare provider owed you a duty of care
  • They breached this duty through substandard treatment
  • This breach directly caused your injuries/damages

The chain of causation between subpar care and the extent of resulting harm makes or breaks each case. Handling the complexity requires legal experience. Our firm leaves no stone unturned while building arguments attributing damages to negligence. This preparation sets up success during settlement talks and in court if necessary. We gather every shred of pertinent medical evidence and testimony needed to prove where patient treatment failed.

Why Work with Established Medical Malpractice Lawyers?

Hospitals, doctors and healthcare networks almost always dedicate immense legal and financial resources to deflecting blame for errors. They know most patients lack the expertise and stamina to definitively prove negligence and attribute damages resulting from mistakes. This is where partnering with an accomplished medical malpractice law firm truly pays dividends for clients.

We Know How to Properly Substantiate Medical Negligence

The linchpin of malpractice litigation involves conclusively demonstrating – often through expert testimony – that the defendant healthcare provider violated accepted standards of care through their actions or negligence. To achieve this, our lawyers consult closely with medical specialists in relevant fields to review case specifics. Renowned specialists lend added credibility for maximizing compensation during settlement talks or court award proceedings.

We Thoroughly Invest Time Required to Build Strong Cases

Medical malpractice cases demand extensive time and resources establishing negligence, identifying all liable parties and demonstrating the full extent of damage wrought by subpar care. Hospitals and doctors try denying responsibility for errors while downplaying their consequences for patients and grieving families. We devote substantial efforts upfront beyond many firms to strengthen clients’ positioning and options.

We Handle Complex Liability Situations

Often medical errors involve multiple problematic healthcare providers, questionable devices, uncertainty over who holds blame or systematic negligence. Perhaps mistakes were made both by individual doctors and facility administrators. Or faulty surgical tools introduced preventable risk. Skilled litigators know how to parse apart the breakdowns at each stage of care to target accountability appropriately.

If Monroe-area medical negligence turned your life upside down, rely on a distinguished law firm with credentials earned from decades handling malpractice claims locally and nationwide. Justice awaits the tenacious.

Statute of Limitations for Filing Washington Medical Malpractice Claims

Statute of Limitations for Filing Washington Medical Malpractice Claims

Malpractice victims have three years from the date of injury per RCW 4.16.350 to file claims against physicians, providers or healthcare organizations. Alternatively, they have one year from reasonably discovering malpractice caused the harm.

Given legal intricacies, immediately consult experienced counsel after any potential medical error. This prevents overlooking important details or missing deadlines. Lawyers also swiftly initiate official proceedings to request pertinent medical records and statements for building arguments. Don’t leave the outcome to chance or wait and risk exceeding your window for action. The right lawyer makes the difference.

Connect with a Trusted Monroe Medical Malpractice Law Firm Today

Don’t assume you must accept devastating health impacts from medical care gone wrong in Monroe, WA. The dedicated patient advocacy lawyers at Moseley Collins Law offer personalized guidance centered on your needs after malpractice. We have maintained a perfect reputation over hundreds of cases by pairing compassionate support with relentless demands for accountability.

Call us directly at 800-426-5546 or reach out online to schedule a free case assessment and answers for all your questions. Find out how we can help you obtain justice as we have done for so many victims in Monroe and surrounding communities. Our resources stand ready to analyze your circumstances for merit – and develop a customized legal strategy for recovery if malpractice caused you harm. Let us develop the leverage you need.

Should I report issues to the Washington State Department of Health?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Should I report issues to the Washington State Department of Health?

Yes. File a complaint outlining what happened to create a record regardless of lawsuit. However the vast majority result in little discipline against a doctor's license unless a trend appears. Separate legal action often necessary for compensation or institutional changes.

How much do medical malpractice lawyers typically cost upfront?

Most operate on contingency fees, meaning zero cost until money is recovered - fees then come from settlement funds. Free consultations are also common. This opens doors to justice for those otherwise unable to risk lawyer hourly rates upfront or unsure if a strong case exists. Ask about fee structures.

What kinds of payouts or settlements can I expect?

Each case differs drastically. 6-7 figure rewards sometimes secured for grave injuries/death. Experienced lawyers ensure maximum compensation. Juries are more generous than insurance companies. Lawyer knows how to strategically pressure high counteroffers pre-trial, or navigate the court system for bigger rewards.

Will my case realistically go to court instead of settling?

Most settle pre-trial since strong evidence persuades the provider to negotiate rather than risk greater jury award. Our firm prepares extensively for trial presentation from start of each case. This builds added leverage against entities hoping cases won't reach courtrooms. Real possibility yields better settlements.

Have additional questions? Reach out now for personalized guidance on your situation from a Washington medical malpractice lawyer. Call 800-426-5546 for free consultation - available 24/7.

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