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Mill Valley Drunk Driver Arrested- September 1, 2016

A drunk driving trip through Marin with two kids in the car landed a woman in jail. Twenty-five-year-old April Davis was three times the legal blood alcohol level to drive, according to California Highway Patrol. At approximately 1 in the afternoon police received reports of an erratic driver in Novato on Highway 101. Reports cited a Jeep Cherokee driving erratically, swerving off road and nearly hitting other cars on the road. Once officers spotted the vehicle passing the Greenbrae area near Sir Frances Drake Boulevard they tried to stop her but she continued to drive. The driver was swerving so badly officers had to deploy a traffic brake across all lanes to protect the other drivers on the road. When she eventually stopped in Mill Valley, officers were able to take the 4-year-old boy and 2-year-old girl inside out of the car. She was arrested and the children were released to family.