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Patients put their trust in doctors and hospitals to provide competent, safe medical care. However, medical mistakes happen far too often. If you or a loved one suffered harm because of substandard care by a Menlo Park healthcare provider, you may have grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit. The medical malpractice lawyers of Moseley Collins Law have over 40 years of experience helping injured victims recover compensation nationwide. We offer free consultations to review the details of your potential malpractice case.

Understanding Medical Negligence and Your Rights

Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare professional breaches the standard of care and causes injury or death. This can involve errors such as:

  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of a serious condition
  • Surgical mistakes and procedure complications
  • Childbirth injuries to mother or baby
  • Medication errors and pharmacy mix-ups
  • Failure to prevent infections and bed sores
  • Ordering improper medical treatments or tests

To build a strong claim, our law firm works with independent specialists and four medical experts to investigate errors and causation. We leave no stone unturned to demonstrate how the substandard medical services harmed you. Then we fight for full financial damages so clients can afford proper ongoing treatment.

Catastrophic Injuries Often Result from Hospital Negligence

Catastrophic Injuries Often Result from Hospital Negligence

While doctors' offices also commit malpractice, severe harm typically occurs in hospitals from conditions such as:

Surgical Errors

Surgeries involve life-threatening risks even when done properly. However, mistakes like operating on the wrong area of the body, leaving surgical equipment inside patients after closing up, failing to prevent infections, or botching aftercare can all cause lasting damage.

Common surgical errors we see in Menlo Park hospital cases include:

  • Orthopedic mishaps - joint replacement complications, nerve damage, tissue damage
  • OB/GYN mistakes - hysterectomies gone wrong, damaging other organs
  • Spinal surgery errors - paralysis, chronic nerve pain
  • General surgery mistakes - bowel perforations, punctured arteries, foreign object retention after surgery
Emergency Room Negligence

ER overcrowding and short-staffing contributes to errors like:

  • Heart attack misdiagnosis
  • Stroke missed
  • Inadequate trauma treatment
  • Failure to properly splint fractures
  • Severe infection or sepsis undiagnosed
Birth & Labor/Delivery Injuries

Both mothers and infants face high risks during the birthing process. But many injuries result from preventable errors, not complications from the delivery itself. Frequent medical mistakes include:

  • Failure to perform cesarean section in time
  • Incorrect use of birth assisting tools like vacuums or forceps
  • Improper administration of labor induction drugs leading to distress
  • Lack of timely emergency response to signs of fetal distress
Hospital-Acquired Infections & Bedsores

Open wounds, IV lines, catheters, breathing tubes and interactions with hospital staff and other patients leaves already vulnerable people susceptible to communicable diseases. Common infections caught in hospitals include:

  • MRSA
  • Sepsis
  • Pneumonia
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Additionally, disabled or sedated patients often develop bedsores and skin ulcers that can lead to sepsis when not properly treated.

Long Term Home & Rehabilitation Often Needed

Long Term Home & Rehabilitation Often Needed

Catastrophic injuries from medical negligence typically require extensive ongoing care. Our clients suffer permanent disabilities affecting:

  • Mobility
  • Cognition
  • Communication
  • Independent living skills
  • Manual dexterity and strength
  • Sensory abilities
  • Internal organ function
  • Chronic pain
  • Mental health/PTSD

Reconstructive surgeries, physical/occupational therapy, accessibility equipment, and in-home healthcare aides are often necessary. The costs pile up exponentially over a lifetime.

However, holding the responsible hospital and doctors accountable can provide financial resources so patients get proper rehabilitation care and family members don’t need to sacrifice their careers as full-time caregivers. The experienced medical malpractice lawyers at Moseley Collins Law help clients seek compensation for:

  • Mounting medical expenses
  • Lost income & benefits
  • Reduced future earning capacity
  • Adaptive home/vehicle modifications
  • Specialized mobility/communication equipment
  • In-home nursing care and personal assistants
  • Pain and suffering

Call us at (800) 426-5546 for a free, confidential assessment of what damages you may claim after experiencing medical negligence. Our lawyers help you fight for maximum available compensation under California law.

Menlo Park Medical Services & Facilities

Stanford Health Hospital and Clinics - Leading Bay Area academic hospital system providing world-class specialty care in many fields and over 5,000 annual births:

Menlo Medical Clinic - Large multi-specialty treatment center with adult/pediatric urgent care, family medicine, imaging, diagnostics and outpatient surgery:

Sequoia Hospital - Full-service hospital with Level III Trauma Center, advanced cardiac treatments, orthopedics, neurology and one of California’s busiest ERs:

Kaiser Permanente – Redwood City Medical Center - Large Kaiser hospital with Level II Trauma Center and 24/7 emergency services plus primary care offices throughout surrounding region.

Veterans Affairs Menlo Park Healthcare System - VA hospital and clinics providing military veterans a full spectrum of medical, mental health, surgical care and rehabilitation therapy:

California Nurses Association – Leading professional association advocating for nurse interests on staffing ratios, workplace rights, healthcare policy and patient advocacy:

We Serve All Menlo Park Area Communities

As experienced Bay Area medical malpractice lawyers, Moseley Collins Law pursues just compensation for injured victims and bereaved families from Menlo Park, Atherton, North Fair Oaks, Redwood City, Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, Woodside and surrounding Northern California cities.

We fight on behalf residents throughout San Mateo and Santa Clara counties who received improper medical care resulting in significant harm. Our tireless lawyers also help clients nationwide by associating with top local counsel across the country.

Don't hesitate to contact us regarding negligent doctors, nursing mistakes, surgical errors, failure to diagnose serious conditions, or any substandard treatment received in one of Menlo Park's major health networks that caused permanent injury to you or a loved one. We can assess the validity of your potential malpractice claims and advise if grounds exist to pursue financial accountability.

Why Choose Moseley Collins Law for Your Medical Malpractice Case

Choosing the right lawyer can make all the difference in seeking justice after medical negligence harms you or a loved one. Moseley Collins Law has a proven track record of success and always puts clients first.

Decades of Experience

With over 40 years handling California medical malpractice claims, no law firm matches our expertise at investigating errors, proving causation between substandard care and injuries, and securing maximum compensation for clients. We know what it takes to build strong cases and negotiate firmly with healthcare systems.

Client Compassion

Dealing with catastrophic injuries disrupts every aspect of life. We treat clients like family and help shoulder the burden however we can while pursuing financial accountability. Our supportive attorneys and staff listen intently to understand what clients are going through.

Meticulous Investigation

We gather expansive medical records then have specialists review them to identify deviations from standards of care. We also check for factual discrepancies in accounts from healthcare providers to protect clients. Finding credible experts is vital for substantiating the valid claims.

Tireless Litigation

Powerful hospitals and insurance companies fight vigorously against malpractice lawsuits, trying to discredit injury claims. Our litigation team has the tenacity, resources and legal experience to counter their denial tactics and aggressive defense strategies. We level the playing field for injured clients.

The combination of compassion and strong legal advocacy makes Moseley Collins Law the premier medical malpractice firm serving Northern Californians. Please call (800) 426-5546 for dedicated support on your specific case. Our lawyers help you recover and rebuild after medical negligence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)What should I do if I suspect medical malpractice after receiving treatment from a Menlo Park healthcare provider?

You should document details about your condition history, diagnosis, treatment timeline, communications with staff, discharge instructions and any apparent oversights or errors. Also request complete medical records for independent review by medical experts. Finally, contact an experienced medical malpractice law firm as soon as possible to investigate causal links between substandard care and the injury before evidence disappears.

What key information should I gather about the incident?

Compile details like specific dates/times, locations and names of staff involved in your treatment, responsibilities/roles of attending healthcare providers, verbatim accounts of concerning incidents described in records or shared by staff, names of witnesses, descriptions of injuries incurred and ongoing symptoms since the incident.

What types of medical errors might provide grounds for a malpractice claim?

Potential grounds for claims often involve misdiagnosis, surgical mistakes, medication errors, preventable infections, inadequate monitoring, negligent discharge, avoidable trauma, harmful equipment, birth injuries and other deviations from reasonable standards of care that directly cause new injury or damage to the patient.

How much does it cost to hire a medical malpractice lawyer?

Quality malpractice law firms work on contingency, charging no upfront fees and only getting paid if they secure compensation on your behalf. This means the initial consultation costs nothing for you to discuss your potential case.

What damages might I recover through a malpractice lawsuit?

You may claim damages like medical bills, lost earnings & benefits, reduced earning capacity, rehabilitation therapies, assistive equipment, in-home care, and pain/suffering costs. Experienced lawyers maximize available compensation under California state laws.

For answers to additional questions or a free case assessment, please call us at (800) 426-5546 to speak with a medical malpractice lawyer directly.

Trust California's Premier Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Don’t wait to pursue financial recovery and care solutions. Early investigation helps build strength cases before evidence disappears. Witness' accounts also fade and documentation gets lost over time. Please call Moseley Collins Law today at (800) 426-5546 for a free consultation on your potential malpractice claims. We go the extra mile to help clients navigate this difficult process. You focus on healing while we handle battling the negligent healthcare providers.

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