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Have you or a loved one been the victim of medical malpractice at a Malibu area hospital or medical facility? The medical malpractice lawyers at Moseley Collins Law can help. With over 40 years of experience representing clients in medical negligence cases nationwide, our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for victims and their families.

Understanding Hospital Negligence

Hospital negligence occurs when a hospital, doctor, nurse, specialist or other medical professional provides substandard care that directly causes a patient harm. This can include surgical errors, medication errors, childbirth injuries, misdiagnosis of conditions, and more.

Some common examples of hospital negligence in the Malibu area include:

  • Infection acquired in the hospital due to unclean conditions or failure to prevent spread
  • Surgical mistakes such as operating on the wrong body part
  • Improper administration or dosing of anesthesia
  • Failure to properly monitor patients
  • Delayed emergency cesarean section resulting in oxygen deprivation

How a Medical Malpractice Lawyer Can Help

These types of medical errors can cause severe injuries, permanent disabilities, and even death. Hospitals have a duty of care to keep patients safe. When that duty is breached due to negligence, the patient is entitled to seek compensation for their damages.

How a Medical Malpractice Lawyer Can Help

The medical malpractice lawyers at Moseley Collins Law are here to help victims of negligence recover damages when a hospital breach results in harm. Here is what we can do:

  • Conduct Thorough Investigation - We hire multiple independent medical experts to rigorously review records and identify mistakes in care.
  • Assemble Strong Legal Team - Our medical staff works alongside our lawyers to build compelling cases on behalf of victims.
  • Negotiate Aggressively - We have a reputation for aggressively negotiating for maximum compensation for losses and long-term care needs.
  • Take Cases to Trial When Needed - While many settle out of court, we aren't afraid to take hospital negligence cases to trial when justice demands it. Our track record of courtroom success puts pressure on hospitals.
  • Help Patients and Families Move Forward - In the end, compensation allows victims to afford ongoing treatments and provide for loved ones. We help them move ahead after tragedy occurs.

The bottom line is we strive to provide compassionate, ethical, and strategic representation to help victims recover damages to cover both economic and non-economic losses. We handle cases on a contingency basis so legal fees only come from recovered funds and there are no upfront costs.

Malibu Area Hospitals

There are several major hospitals serving Malibu and surrounding communities:

UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica

A large teaching hospital affiliated with UCLA Health, this 434 bed facility provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient care. Website:

Providence Saint John's Health Center

A nonprofit Catholic hospital with 286 beds, it provides a wide range of services and houses the John Wayne Cancer Institute.

Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital

This 133 bed community hospital provides 24/7 emergency care along with specialty treatments in areas like orthopedics, neurology, and cardiology.

Southern California Hospital at Culver City

This 238 bed acute care facility provides specialty services including a level II trauma center.

Malibu Medical Malpractice Lawyers Serve Nearby Cities and Towns

In addition to representing clients injured within Malibu city proper, our lawyers assist victims throughout Los Angeles County and surrounding communities. Some nearby areas we serve include:

  • Agoura Hills
  • Calabasas
  • Hidden Hills
  • Pacific Palisades
  • Santa Monica
  • Topanga
  • Westlake Village
  • Woodland Hills
  • Brentwood
  • Venice

Regardless of whether the hospital negligence occurred in a larger city hospital or a small community medical clinic, our lawyers can help. We have assisted clients injured across the region and understand how to build strong cases.

Common Injuries from Medical Negligence

Common Injuries from Medical Negligence

There is a wide range of injuries that can occur due to medical malpractice errors. Some of the most severe we see in Malibu medical malpractice cases include:

  • Brain Injuries - When oxygen is cut off to the brain, permanent damage can be done affecting memory, cognitive abilities, and quality of life. Errors like anesthesia overdose can cause brain damage.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries - Damage to the spinal cord frequently leads to paralysis below the level of injury. Failure to immobilize the spine properly is one potential cause.
  • Amputation Injuries - Surgical errors and mistakes can lead to severe amputation of limbs. This often necessitates prosthetics and disability accommodations.
  • Child Birth Injuries - Errors during labor or delivery, like lack of fetal monitoring or failure to perform C-section, can lead to cerebral palsy, paralysis, and other impairments for infants.
  • Surgical Mistakes - Botched surgeries can cause severe harm. This may include operating on the wrong site, leaving surgical equipment inside patients after surgery, or nicking organs accidentally.
  • Medication Errors - Getting the wrong medications or dosages can result in unexpected drug interactions, organ damage, respiratory distress and other life threatening problems.
  • Misdiagnosis - Failing to diagnose serious conditions like cancer or heart disease can allow diseases to progress untreated resulting in disability or premature death that could potentially have been prevented with appropriate treatments.

As reflected above, when doctors, nurses and other hospital staff breach their duty of care, the impact on patients can be immense. Lives are forever changed due to serious injuries and permanent disabilities. Our medical malpractice lawyers advocate to secure damages that allow victims to cover extensive care needs including medical treatments, rehabilitation services, disability accommodations, loss of income replacements, and more.

Steps to Take After Medical Negligence Occurs

If you or someone you love has been injured due to apparent negligence during medical treatment, it is important to take proactive steps right away to preserve your rights. Actions we recommend include:

  1. Report Incident

    Formally report the incident to hospital administrators so that they can launch an investigation. This creates a paper trail.

  2. Gather Records

    Start gathering all medical records and billing information. This documents what procedures were performed and what caused the injuries. Our lawyers can assist in gathering full records.

  3. Get Opinions on Errors

    Have another independent doctor review records and provide an opinion on whether standards of care were breached. This provides expert analysis separate from the negligent providers.

  4. Contact Malpractice Lawyers

    Bring all your records when meeting with lawyers. Most offer free consultations and can assess the merits of your potential claim. Time limits apply so contact them promptly.

By taking these steps, injured patients preserve their ability to hold hospitals accountable for medical negligence through the legal system. Our experienced medical malpractice lawyers are here to evaluate your situation free of charge. Call today or contact us online to arrange your consultation. The sooner we can start reviewing your details, the better positioned we will be to eventually negotiate maximum compensation for all your losses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions How long do I have to file a medical malpractice claim in California?

You have 1 year from the date of discovery or 3 years from the date of injury to file a claim. There are exceptions that extend deadlines so meeting with a lawyer promptly is key.

What is the average medical malpractice settlement amount?

It varies substantially based on severity of injury and impact on quality of life. Many cases settle in the hundreds of thousands with more serious injuries involving multi-million dollar settlements.

Who pays for medical malpractice, the doctor or hospital?

Both doctors and hospitals carry malpractice insurance. All liable parties typically contribute to settlements and jury awards. This depends on details of specific cases.

When do most medical malpractice cases settle?

About 90% settle before trial. The highest pressure to settle comes after litigation starts as parties spend money on experts and lawyers. Strong preparation is key.

The content above provides informative guidance to those harmed by medical errors, but should not be construed as formal legal advice regarding individual matters or binding representation. Each case has unique aspects which may impact the approach, so call now to discuss your situation directly with our lawyers. Initial consultations are confidential and free of charge.

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