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When you or a loved one suffers an injury due to medical malpractice in Lindsay, CA, it can be a frightening and unsure time figuring out your options and legal rights. Medical negligence at the hands of trusted doctors, nurses or other medical staff often comes with severe consequences, completely altering life for the victim and their families.

That is where an experienced medical malpractice lawyer can guide victims and families toward justice, accountability and the maximum compensation to cover extensive costs that pile up. With over 40 years of legal experience on behalf of medical malpractice victims, Moseley Collins Law has helped recover millions for clients and built a reputation as determined yet compassionate advocates.

Understanding Medical Negligence

At its core, medical malpractice involves poor medical treatment by a healthcare provider that directly causes significant injury or harm, emotional trauma or the loss of life for a patient. This constitutes medical negligence when a provider fails to meet accepted standard of patient care. Some examples include:

  • Misdiagnosing or failing to diagnose a serious health condition
  • Prescribing the wrong medications or inaccurate dosing
  • Surgical errors and mistakes during procedures
  • Discharging a patient prematurely
  • Failing to order important diagnostic tests
  • Errors interpreting diagnostic results and pathology reports
  • Mistakes during pregnancy and childbirth

Navigating the Legalities After Medical Errors

When medical negligence occurs, patients are often left requiring around-the-clock medical care for the rest of their life, dealing with a permanent disability or the catastrophic loss of a loved one.

Some real-life examples of medical negligence cases we have seen in Lindsay and surrounding Central Valley areas in California include:

  • Birth injuries like physical harm to an infant before, during or just after labor and delivery due to medical errors
  • Failure to diagnose infections or critical heart conditions leading to disability or death
  • Surgical mistakes and unnecessary procedures done without patient’s informed consent
  • Medication overdoses in hospitals
  • Misdiagnosed cancerous tumors eventually leading to premature death
  • Poorly performed aesthetic treatments or plastic surgeries leading to scarring or disfigurement

The physical, emotional and financial damage stemming from medical negligence is extensive. Healthcare providers have a duty of care expected of them, and when that duty is breached, victims have legal rights to hold them fully accountable.

Navigating the Legalities After Medical Errors

Yet in the aftermath of medical malpractice, many victims and families feel confused about next steps for seeking justice legally. There are complex legal processes involved when building cases, determining fault, calculating total damages and losses, and negotiating fair compensation. Having a lawyer experienced specifically with medical negligence is crucial.

Some legal considerations we guide clients through if they were a victim of medical negligence include:

  • Statute of Limitations Restrictions - These limit the timeframe within which medical malpractice lawsuits must be filed after the incident, or you forfeit your rights to sue. In California, it is 1 year from the discovery, or 3 years from date of harm for most cases. The timeline gets complex fast and deadlines pass quicker than many realize. Discuss your review timeframe with your lawyer.
  • Proving Liability and Damages - Collecting exhaustive records and documentation plus obtaining convincing objective expert opinions are keys to proving medical negligence legally and justifying lifetime costs it caused financially, physically and emotionally.
  • Structured Settlements - We almost always arrange structured settlements to protect assets for lifetime future medical costs, with funds administered by third parties. Lump sum payouts often disappear rapidly or get exploited.
  • Case Expenses - Reputable medical malpractice lawyers fund all case investigation costs upfront so that stressed victims don’t have to. If they lose the case, there is no payment obligation needed from the victim.

The bottom line is we make this complex process as stress-free as possible for victims and families so they can focus on healing while we focus aggressively on accountability for the negligent providers’ insurance companies.

Why Choose Us?

Moseley Collins Law stands out with extensive expertise specifically fighting major medical negligence cases in several key ways:

  • 40+ Years Handling Major Medical Negligence Cases - Very few law firms can match our depth of legal experience dealing with severe medical malpractice harm, from birth injuries to wrongful death cases. We know how to maximize outcomes for permanent, life-changing damages.
  • Pre-Lawsuit Investigations with Numerous Medical Experts - We employ at least four different medical specialists spanning emergency medicine, surgical, diagnostic, clinical and standard of care disciplines to build rock-solid cases before filing suit.
  • Track Record of Exceptional Client Recoveries - With millions secured for victims over our 40 years in business through record-setting verdicts and settlements, we know what it takes to win and achieve justice financially.
  • Compassionate Client Commitment - We care deeply about our clients and regularly keep in touch as their advocates through their difficult journey because their wellbeing comes first.

If you have any other questions about our services, call 800-426-5546 now for your free case consultation.

Local Hospitals in Lindsay, CA and Nearby VicinityKaweah Delta Medical Center (Visalia, CA)

Kaweah Delta Medical Center is a large 581-bed hospital approximately 30 minutes southeast of Lindsay, and provides comprehensive emergency, surgical, cancer, maternity, cardiac, rehabilitation and other medical services.


Sierra View Medical Center (Porterville, CA)

Located 20 minutes south of Lindsay, Sierra View is a 132-bed acute care hospital with 24/7 physician-staffed ER plus wide range of medical, surgical and cardiac care services.


Tulare Regional Medical Center (Tulare, CA)

This 112-bed regional hospital with ER and ICUs can be found 45 minutes southeast of Lindsay, serving the greater Tulare County area with broad healthcare services.


Adventist Medical Center - Hanford (Hanford, CA)

Located just under an hour southwest of Lindsay, this Adventist faith-based hospital provides comprehensive 24/7 emergency, maternity, cancer and other specialty treatment.


Proving Medical Negligence Occurred

Proving Medical Negligence Occurred

When meeting with potential medical malpractice clients in Lindsay, CA the first thing we investigate is whether legitimate negligence appears to have happened or not by the medical providers involved. There is a high standard of proof required for malpractice liability, and numerous legal factors in play for these types of cases.

Some keys we investigate when looking into potential medical negligence include:

  • Medical records - We thoroughly review all medical charts, doctor’s notes, laboratory data and any other provider records relevant to the case looking for inconsistencies, inaccuracies or other red flags. Missing documentation is also telling.
  • Standard medical protocols - Healthcare providers must follow generally accepted medical protocols, and deviations from those without documented clinical reasons frequently constitute negligence.
  • Expert witness opinions - We retain renown specialists in emergency medicine, surgery, specialized disease fields and other areas to provide unbiased insight on standard practices. If they conclude care standards were breached, it carries tremendous legal weight.
  • Informed consent laws - Failing to properly inform patients and family members of material medical decisions, risks involved, alternative options and right to decline treatment violates laws.
  • Liability apportionment assessment - In complex cases with many providers involved, we determine what percentage each bears of the liability based on their respective roles and mistakes made. Some may bear minimal responsibility in the big picture of events.

Not every poor outcome is necessarily medical negligence, and healthcare providers are granted reasonable margins of error legally. That is why our independent medical experts analyze each case from every angle before advising if proceeding with a claim appears warranted or not. Victims have enough distress to cope with already - false hopes should not be given either.

If medical negligence is substantiated, that is when clients can proceed confidently to pursue justice.

Helping Victims and Families Move Forward

At Moseley Collins Law, our medical malpractice lawyers view clients as long-term relationships rather than one-off interactions. We understand that the traumatic damages inflicted extend for a lifetime in most instances with these cases. As advocates with deep compassion for our clients, we regularly keep in touch to provide emotional support during their struggles in addition to legal help.

With extensive expertise in this field specifically, and a proven history of holding even the most prominent hospitals and healthcare providers accountable on behalf of clients, we are ready to discuss the merits of your potential negligence case at no initial cost. Serving clients throughout Lindsay and many Central Valley communities in California, contact us 24/7 for helpful answers and caring assistance. Call 800-426-5546 or complete our online contact form to schedule a free consultation meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions1. How can you determine if my case was actually medical malpractice?

We review all pertinent medical records then retain independent specialist physicians from disciplines like emergency medicine, surgery, disease specialties or pediatrics to provide unbiased assessment if legitimate negligence appears to have happened. Their insights carry tremendous legal weight regarding whether standard patient care protocols were breached or not.

2. What key steps happen in the medical malpractice litigation process?

After exhaustive case investigation providing proof of negligence and damages owed, we first push for settlement from negligent parties pre-trial to avoid court. If reasonable offers don’t materialize, we file the lawsuit and compile evidence through discovery process while defending our client’s rights aggressively up to and during trial if necessary.

3. How long could my malpractice lawsuit take if we go to trial?

Most cases settle before reaching trial phase. However, medical negligence trials often take over a year once a lawsuit is filed. They require extensive preparations, assembling medical experts, paperwork filings, logistics coordination and hearings to hash out what evidence will be permitted before the actual jury trial begins.

4. What does “statute of limitations” mean in medical malpractice?

It refers to strict legal deadlines defining how long after an act of medical negligence occurs that an injured patient has to officially file the lawsuit seeking civil damages. Miss the statute date and your rights to sue may be forfeited entirely.

5. Will filing a malpractice claim impact my ongoing care from that same provider?

No, it should not compromise your ongoing medical care with that institution moving forward. However, we generally advise clients to transition their care to an entirely unrelated and impartial provider for best health outcomes and reducing anxieties about interactions with previous parties.

The entire team at Moseley Collins Law understands this is an emotional and difficult situation for victims and families affected by medical negligence. Contact us for guidance and compassionate support. Call 800-426-5546 or complete our online form to schedule a free case assessment when you are ready.

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