Liability in a Car Accident - How Do I Determine Liability?

In any car, motorcycle, or truck accident lawsuit it is imperative to determine and be able to prove who was at fault. This is determining who carries the car accident liability. Usually the person who was at fault is found to be negligent, and this negligence resulting in the ensuing accident.

Although it may seem obvious to you who was at fault, there are a number of items you should analyze and gather together to provide to your attorney or insurance company.

One of the most important items in a vehicle accident lawsuit will be the police report. If a police officer shows up to an accident, they will prepare a police report on the facts of the accident as well as their own observations. They will report on a number of things, including who was involved, what they thought to be the cause of the accident and why, what the parties of the accident said as well as witness accounts, and so forth. Make sure to ask the officer(s) who showed up to scene of the accident how you can get a copy of the police report once it is filed.

In doing your own research, one of the most helpful tools to review are State Traffic Laws or the vehicle code. If you hire a car accident attorney to take your case, he or she will be happy to do this for you.

Finally, there are multiple instances in which liability is almost always determined in one party's favor over the others. Some of these are drunk driving accidents, rear end accidents, and left-turn collisions.

In car accidents involving left turn collisions, the fault is almost always the fault of the driver taking the left turn. In almost all instances, a vehicle headed straight in an intersection will have the right of way. The responsibility of course will change if the vehicle going straight was committing an illegal act, such as running a red light.

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