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Kings County, CA Accident Trends

As of 2016, Kings County, California reported a gigantic increase in traffic accidents from the previous year. Authorities are busily attempting to find a solution and help drivers drive safer. The Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System reported 18 fatal crashes in 2015 for the Hanford California Highway Patrol jurisdiction. Twenty-four deaths were reported. The reports show the major reason for the large amount of accidents are stop sign violations, and unsafe turns. Out of the 24 reported deaths, four occurred at Kansas Avenue intersections. 

Director of Kings County Public Works, Kevin McAlister, reported he is not aware of any intersections along Kansas Avenue which meet the state requirements for a 4-way stop or even a traffic signal. Reportedly, the county regularly reviews locations with a high number of traffic incidents and/or sudden fluctuations in traffic.

McAlister also said difficult intersections with stop signs at roads crossing Kansas Ave. but don’t require a four-way stop could benefit from larger stop signs or flashing lights to expand visibility.