Head-On Collisions

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A head-on collision, as opposed to a side or rear-end collision, occurs when two vehicles collide into the front ends of each other. Head-on collisions occur in every type of vehicle, from automobiles, planes and trails to motorcycles and ATV’s. In the category of lane departure collisions, head-on collisions are said to be the most devastating. The act of being in motion causes the vehicles to collide with immense force and there are often fatalities and serious injuries associated with these types of crashes.  Paralysis, amputation, brain injury, broken bones, burns and fractures are all possible injuries in a head-on collision.

A major factor making them so devastatingly dangerous is that they can occur almost anywhere. Most often head-on collisions happen on rural, two lane roads but can also happen on freeways and larger highways. Dangerous road maneuvers, both deliberate and inadvertent, like passing, drifting across the center line, and misjudging a curve can all contribute to head-on crashes. Bad weather road conditions can also play a part. Snow, ice and sleet are often the culprit. 

The California Department of Safety reported that approximately 75% of head-on collisions happen on rural roads.

A significant amount of head-on collisions occur in construction zones. These areas of the road are being repaired or extended and are many times not properly detoured or marked for approaching drivers. If the traffic patterns have altered during construction and opposing lanes of traffic pass closer to each other than before, head-on accidents are almost inevitable at some point. Falling asleep, distracted driving and irresponsible driving techniques are the usual reasons these types of wrecks occur. Since studies show us that head-on collisions happen for a variety of reasons, it is virtually impossible to completely safeguard against all occurrences.

Unfortunately, because of the speed and other factors, these types of collisions are extremely costly to those injured. The injuries involved are often devastating and costly to repair and treat. Paralysis, brain injury and loss of limbs can take years of rehabilitation and require expensive equipment during treatment. It also effects other parts of life such as careers, marriages, education and emotional issues. These outlandish costs are more often than not out of the realm of possibility for the injured party and family. Taking the case to court is often the only option available to acquire the necessary funds to continue life in the same manner as before the accident.  

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