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Government Vehicle Accidents

Claims against the government can be quite a challenge. This challenge becomes especially difficult if the case involves a government vehicle pursuing an emergency in the interest of public welfare. Police cars, medical emergency vehicles, fire trucks; all have immunity in case of accident, if the accident occurred from the exercise of duty of care when responding to an emergency.

However, there are many other governmental vehicles other than those which have the task of responding to emergencies. The postal service is the second biggest fleet of the country, after the military, for example, and it does not respond to emergencies. It is possible to get rear-ended by the postal service truck, as it is to get side-bumped by a school bus. In such cases, it's possible to sue the government under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FCTA). The FTCA allows for a renounce of the government's sovereign immunity when there is evidence its employees acted under negligent conduct in the line of duty.

One important thing to know in these situations is that you must file a claim under the Federal Tort Claims Act up to 180 days (six months) from the date of the injury, or accident. The statute of limitations, time frame, is much shorter than the one for normal personal claims, which is of two years, and most people have no awareness of this. It's a huge limitation that may make all the difference in making sure you get the compensation you deserve.

This is where a car accident attorney who is experienced in making claims against the government can make all the difference. Speaking to an attorney after you have been involved in a car accident will greatly help you in sorting out the details of how to act. An attorney will also help you handle medical bills and mediate between you and the insurance company.

If you or a loved on have been seriously injured in a car accident involving a government vehicle, call Sacramento car accident lawyer, Moseley Collins – (916) 444-4444.