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Fiery 10-Vehicle Pile-up on I-880 in Milpitas — Nov 17, 2016

Flames erupted in the middle of a 10-vehicle mash-up on I-880 in Milpitas this morning. One man was pulled from his burning car by three other drivers and rushed to an area hospital with severe burns and broken ribs. The accident occurred at approximately 5:20 a.m. close to Highway 237. It began when a Ford F-350 rear-ended a Nissan sedan which then erupted into flames. Several other drivers stopped to help the injured. The driver of the F150 said the Nissan had stopped or slowed unexpectedly in front him and he was unable to stop in time to avoid the collision. The aftermath caused all lanes of traffic to close down for over an hour. Two lanes were reopened by 6:20 a.m.