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Elk Grove Five-Car Pile-Up Kills One -- Nov 13, 2017

A solo car crash just before 1.a.m. caused a five-car pile-up which killed a man on Sunday on Highway 99 at the Laguna Boulevard in Elk Grove. Twenty-year-old Ricardo Salas was travelling approximately 70 mph in the right lane. He braked the 2003 Honda when he came upon a slower moving car in front of him. He lost control as he swerved to the left and rolled his car. That’s when he hit the center divider wall under the over pass at Laguna Boulevard. The Honda came to rest on its tires facing the wrong direction in the left lane. It was just before 1 a.m. Another motorist pulled over to help him move his vehicle from the roadway when a motorcyclist sped through at a high rate of speed. The motorcycle hit the Honda and threw the rider into the right lane. He was fatally injured. Two more drivers came along and hit the remains of the wreckage. Highway 99 closed at Laguna Boulevard close to Elk Grove from 1:15 a.m. to 3:30 a.m.