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The medical negligence and hospital liability lawyers at Moseley Collins Law have over 40 years of experience representing victims who have suffered catastrophic injuries and outcomes caused by medical error and poor patient care nationwide. Our team fiercely represents victims and families in Eastvale, CA and surrounding areas. If you or a loved one has experienced harm by the errors or inaction of doctors, nurses, hospitals, or other healthcare providers in Eastvale or nearby cities, contact our medical malpractice lawyers for dedicated legal guidance regarding your case and options.

Understanding Medical Malpractice and Your Rights to Take Legal Action

Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare professional fails to uphold the reasonable standard of care when treating or interacting with patients. Their negligent actions or failure to act under acceptable medical protocol can cause devastating, avoidable patient harm. Some examples include:

  • Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose health issues timely
  • Surgical errors and mistakes made during procedures
  • Improper or contraindicated medication prescribing that leads to adverse reactions
  • Inadequate infection control practices and contamination
  • Childbirth injuries due to delivery room errors
  • Poor treatment of emergency room patients
  • Failure to refer patients to needed specialists promptly

By law, all healthcare providers must adhere to meet or exceed the reasonable standard of care expected of their practice. Patients who are injured due to negligent medical care often do have legal grounds to pursue a malpractice claim or lawsuit under California laws. A lawyer experienced with medical liability cases can assess the merit of your situation if you’ve been a victim in Eastvale or surrounding cities.

Our Lawyers Assist Victims in Eastvale Plus Nearby Cities and Towns

Our Lawyers Assist Victims in Eastvale Plus Nearby Cities and Towns

In addition to helping those harmed by medical negligence in Eastvale, our lawyers have aided numerous injured victims and bereaved families within Norco, Mira Loma, Jurupa Valley, and additional local communities. View examples below of some towns we serve:

Riverside County Cities
  • Eastvale
  • Norco
  • Jurupa Valley
  • Mira Loma
  • Home Gardens
  • Glen Avon
San Bernardino County Towns
  • Chino
  • Ontario
  • Montclair
  • Chino Hills
  • Upland
  • Rancho Cucamonga

If you don’t see your specific city or town listed, contact our office. We provide legal services to injured victims across a wide area and will guide you based on the specifics of your situation.

Major Hospitals Serving Eastvale and Nearby CitiesCorona Regional Medical Center

As one of the top hospitals serving those in Eastvale and western Riverside county, Corona Regional Medical Center offers award-winning care across many specialties such as cardiology, oncology, trauma treatment, stroke care, women’s health, and more. The facility opened originally in 1992 and is affiliated with Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS) spanning 385 beds and employing over 650 physicians.

Riverside Community Hospital

Founded in 1901, Riverside Community Hospital is another primary acute care facility providing modern treatment options to those in Eastvale and greater Riverside county. It encompasses over 370 patient beds across two campuses. Riverside Community Hospital excels in cardiovascular care, emergency treatments, specialized surgeries, cancer therapies, maternity services, and additional areas - aided by close nursing school partnerships to train future generations of talent.

Chino Valley Medical Center

For Eastvale residents near the San Bernardino county line - Chino Valley Medical Center offers respected care since 1977 spanning 210 beds. They offer award-winning treatment focused on orthopedic surgery, senior care, women’s health and robotic surgery alongside emergency, cardiac, cancer and additional specialty centers. This acute care hospital joined the Prime Healthcare chain in 2014 ushering in additional investments into state-of-the-art facilities benefiting the area.

San Antonio Regional Hospital

Operating since 1907 - San Antonio Regional Hospital provides exceptional care anchored in deep roots serving the Upland community and nearby towns like Eastvale. As the largest non-profit hospital in the U.S., the 431-bed facility delivers quality treatment options across inpatient and outpatient services including respected heart and vascular care, cancer treatment, orthopedics, neurology, women’s services and more. Delivering over 2,500 newborns per year - their labor and delivery unit proves one of the busiest in the region as well.

Common Catastrophic Injuries Caused by Medical Negligence

Common Catastrophic Injuries Caused by Medical Negligence

The lawyers of Moseley Collins Law advocate for innocent patients who’ve endured devastating harm, permanent disability, or wrongful death because negligent medical care providers violated standard protocols. Some severe injuries we often see in malpractice cases include:

  • Brain damage or traumatic brain injury (TBI) with lasting deficits
  • Spinal cord injuries leading to partial or total paralysis
  • Amputation of limbs due to medical errors
  • Birth injuries causing cerebral palsy, Erb's or Klumpke's palsy, etc.
  • Cardiac injuries from surgical mistakes during heart procedures
  • Misdiagnosed cancer allowed to progress in the body for too long
  • Medication error overdoses destroying organ function
  • Severe infections such as sepsis, MRSA, epidural abscesses, etc.
  • Strokes hitting younger adults due to negligence
  • Failure to diagnose increased intracranial pressure led to impaired sight
  • Medical neglect during inpatient Psych care led to patient suicide

Errors frequently happen when overworked, fatigued staff try to rush care. Poor safety cultures at understaffed hospitals also contribute heavily to catastrophic negligence incidents. Patients too often pay the price with their health when pressured healthcare professionals cut corners.

In particular, our lawyers call out risky areas prone to errors such as Emergency Rooms, maternity and infant care units, operating and recovery rooms, as well as inpatient psychiatric facilities. Patients undergoing invasive treatments like surgery, childbirth, or those with critical emergent conditions too often suffer harm by the hands that are supposed to be helping them heal.

If you or someone you love has endured catastrophic injury, permanent disability, or loss of life due to medical negligence in Eastvale or a nearby city, reach out to our firm for dedicated representation against all liable healthcare providers and hospitals. We have helped numerous victims hold California medical professionals accountable and fight for the maximum compensation they lawfully deserve.

Why Choose Us? How Our Medical Injury Firm Advocates for Victims' Rights

Moseley Collins Law is ready to exhaustively investigate what went wrong in your situation if medical negligence substantially harmed you or caused the avoidable death of a loved one. Our award-winning patient advocacy has the resources and expertise to build strong cases, stand up to powerful hospitals, and give victims a voice again after medical trauma through legal channels.

What sets our team apart? Here is why our prestigious national reputation consistently delivers results:

  • We conduct medical record investigations leveraging insight from at least four independent specialty expert witnesses - more than typical firms that invest in just a single review. Our in-depth analysis commonly uncovers additional dimensions of negligence missed in other reviews.
  • Our lawyers and staff have over 40+ years specifically handling complex medical negligence claims involving catastrophic injuries and death from preventable errors.
  • Our legal team has recovered millions in compensation for victims - often from some of the country’s most prominent medical institutions with strong legal defenses.
  • Moseley Collins Law remains dedicated to raising healthcare safety standards locally and nationwide. We participate in national patient safety think tanks lending our expertise to develop protocols that save lives.
  • Our firm has hundreds of 5 out of 5 star client reviews applauding our compassionate legal guidance and successful outcomes earning record settlements and precedent-setting verdicts in these complex cases.

In short - our firm has the deep expertise to stand up against negligent doctors, nurses, hospitals and hold them fully liable for the preventable harm they caused. All the while compassionately guiding devastated victims through turbulent times after medical betrayal.

How Our Free Consultations & Guidance Provide Answers to Victims

Our nationally recognized patient advocates welcome inquiries from those across Eastvale and all California cities who have questions around the merit of their medical error case. We also advocate for those merely seeking accountability or wanting to raise grievances directly with medical boards - even in instances where legal actions prove not viable.

Moseley Collins Law desires to steer victims toward truth and answers to the best of abilities - regardless if that translates into a private claim needing representation or not. Our free case evaluations come with no-strings-attached. Our legal professionals take time to explain protocols, address questions surrounding medical standards, interpret complication risks, and lift the burden through education and counsel.

Hospitals and doctors typically evade transparency when medical negligence devastates trusting patients. For victims of malpractice, knowing accurate details around how it happened provides comfort amid chaos. Our lawyers feel everyone harmed by preventable medical errors deserves compassion and clarity during traumatic aftermaths when providers abandon their duties.

Reach out online or call 800-426-5546 to take advantage of a free consultation. A patient advocate at Moseley Collins Law serves as your guide while we unravel specifics surrounding the incident. We help victims make sense of how quality care went awry. And should legal merits support a case - we customize tailored legal guidance on wise recourse options we can provide every step of the way toward justice and making negligent providers accountable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)How is medical malpractice proven in court?

To prove malpractice and liability, our lawyers must demonstrate four key elements:

  1. A provider-patient relationship existed where a duty of care was required
  2. The healthcare provider violated medical standard protocols or acted negligently
  3. The patient suffered additional injury or damages directly tied to their negligence
  4. Significant evidence shows more likely than not medical error caused the harm

Collecting and connecting all these pieces requires deep litigation capabilities - why victims need powerhouse lawyers up against billion-dollar hospitals.

What medical errors frequently cause wrongful death?

We see many fatal outcomes when doctors fail urgent diagnoses - especially surrounding heart attacks, stroke, blood clots, infections, or internal organ trauma. Operative and post-operative negligence also leads to deadly bleeds, reactions to anesthesia, or pulmonary embolisms. Kids left unattended, patient falls, medication errors, or hunger/dehydration while hospitalized also play a role.

Do I have a case if a loved one died after discharge from poor hospital care?

Quite possibly - as post-discharge negligence disputes constitute some of our highest value settlements. We build strong arguments around premature discharges, incomplete treatment, poor discharge instructions, and failure to follow-up properly. The short- and long-term effects directly link back to a poor inpatient stay ending in a preventable fatality.

Is there a time limit to file a malpractice claim after medical injury?

In California there is a 1 year statute of limitations from the date of harm, or from the date a reasonable person should have discovered negligence, to file a medical liability lawsuit. Minors injured by malpractice get the 1 year countdown upon turning age 18. It is imperative to engage experienced lawyers immediately - as cases take months to prep and leftover time gets very short.

What mistakes lead to valid hospital negligence cases?

From understaffing issues to poor facility safety, we have seen hundreds of hospital liability cases often tied to:

  • Negligent exposure to infections, falls, traumas, and other preventable injuries
  • Allowing unqualified, dangerous, or improperly trained/supervised staff to treat patients
  • Failure to adequately maintain facilities and equipment
  • Not supplying or using standard protocols around infection control, fall risks, injections, procedures, therapies and other environmental safety factors.
  • Recovering compensation for injured victims depends on proving hospital liability based on these and other forms of administrative negligence.
Having additional questions around medical negligence cases?

Call our office at 800-426-5546 for all your legal questions. Our patient advocates offer transparent guidance - we have nothing to hide when aiming to raise safety standards across every hospital trusting Eastvale relies upon.

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