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Driver Leaves Injured 6-Year-Old Daughter Behind in Wrecked Car After High Speed Chase in Oakland, CA

A crash in Oakland in early October 2015 had some surprising results when the driver jumped out of the crashed vehicle and left his injured 6-year-old daughter behind. On the look-out for a suspect in an armed home invasion robbery in San Leandro, police spotted suspect Kelvin Govan, 29, driving on East 14th Street. Officers followed the car but when they attempted to pull him over, he accelerated and began to weave through traffic. A high-speed pursuit ensued until Govan lost control of his vehicle and crashed. At that point, Govan and a passenger jumped from the vehicle, leaving behind Govan’s injured 6-year-old daughter. The passenger was caught but Govan remains on the run. His daughter was transported to the hospital. She did require surgery but is expected to make a full recovery.