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Dennis Rodman a Person of Interest in California Hit and run

A hit and run in July left California Highway Patrol in Orange County with a need to speak with NBA Hall of Fame Player Dennis Rodman after the driver of a black BMW involved in the accident that he recognized the NBA outlaw as a person in the car that ran. It is unclear whether he was the driver or a passenger. The accident happened in Santa Ana on I5 and caused the remaining driver some mild pain but no real injury. 

Police contacted Rodman who has agreed to fully cooperate with the investigation. He has not confirmed nor denied his presence in the car. There have been no arrests made or charges brought. A UK newspaper found footage of Rodman in the area the night of the accident, at a Santa Ana karaoke gay bar called The Velvet Lounge, performing.  He has had DUI offenses in the past in both 1999 and 2003. The 2003 incident got him arrested and 30 days’ home detention. 

Investigation is still underway in the accident.

Rodman is known for a multitude of odd behaviors as well as his phenomenal career in the NBA.