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Culver City and the surrounding Los Angeles area are home to some of the nation’s foremost hospitals and medical centers. Most doctors and nurses at these facilities provide exceptional care. However, medical mistakes still happen far too often.

When a patient is injured or killed due to hospital negligence, their life and their family’s lives can be devastated. Financial burdens from medical bills and lost wages pile up. The victim may no longer be able to work or even care for themselves and their loved ones. Moseley Collins Law can help in these difficult situations by investigating negligence and securing much-needed compensation for the harms suffered. With an in-depth understanding of local hospitals and California medical negligence laws, our goal is to help victims and their families pursue justice after substandard care.

Hospital Negligence: Common Examples from Culver City Medical Malpractice Cases

There are countless ways hospital negligence can cause serious harm. While we have seen many types of errors over decades of experience, some more common examples from our Culver City cases include:

  1. Diagnostic Errors

    Missed, delayed or wrong diagnoses consistently account for the highest percentage of medical mistakes that cause serious injury or death. With access to advanced technologies and testing capabilities, diagnostic errors are inexcusable yet still prevalent. Examples include:

    • Failing to order tests or additional lab work that would have revealed the proper diagnosis
    • Misreading CT scans, x-rays, MRI results and other data
    • Not recognizing symptoms presented in ER or outpatient setting
    • Discharging patients without identifying emergent conditions
    • Incorrect interpretations of medical charts and test results
    • Poor documentation or communication between hospital departments/staff

    These errors allow underlying emergent diseases like heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, infections, spinal cord compression and cancers to progress unchecked. That progression leads to otherwise preventable patient suffering, permanent injury or death.

  2. Surgical Errors

    With advanced technologies and practices available today, surgical mistakes should not happen but still do at alarming rates. Examples include:

    • Operating on the wrong body part - wrong limb, organ, etc.
    • Leaving surgical equipment inside the patient after surgery
    • Tearing, puncturing or accidentally cutting organs/blood vessels
    • Surgical site infections
    • Respiratory failure due to anesthesiology negligence
    • Failure to prepare high risk patients appropriately before surgery
    • Conducting surgery on patients who did not need it

    These surgical errors cause grave harm. We investigate every staff decision and oversight leading up to catastrophes like quadriplegia, kidney failure or coma.

  3. Medication Errors

    Hospitals have entire departments dedicated to pharmacy and nursing units focused on medication administration. Despite rigorous systems in place, we still find medication mistakes are shockingly common. Examples include:

    • Administering wrong drugs leading to reactions
    • Overdosing/underdosing due to calculation errors
    • Ignoring drug allergies & contraindications
    • Failing to monitor and address adverse drug reactions
    • Administering meds at the wrong time, via the wrong route or in ignorance of possible interactions
    • Improperly filled prescriptions & incorrectly written orders

    These errors can cascade into further health crises even for patients admitted with relatively minor conditions. Attention to detail with medicine administration is literally a life or death matter.

  4. Discharge Planning Failures

    Many hospital negligence issues arise when discharging vulnerable patients without proper instructions, stability or care coordination. Examples include:

    • Failing to provide discharge instructions
    • Discharging patients too soon without stability
    • Releasing mothers & newborns before 72 hours without pediatric clearance
    • Discharging patients to homes rather than rehab facilities needed
    • Failing to schedule critical follow up appointments & tests

    After leaving hospitals prematurely or without proper planning, many neglected patients decline rapidly resulting in readmissions, permanent disability or death soon after. Failed discharge planning should be considered negligent.

  5. Nursing Care Lapses

    As frontline caregivers, nurses provide minute-to-minute life-preserving care from vitals monitoring to infection control. When nursing standards slip, patients remain at risk. Examples of nursing lapses include:

    • Failure to communicate changes in patient condition
    • Not monitoring vitals leading to unattended crises
    • Bed sores, falls and infections due to neglect
    • Improperly cleaned wound dressing changes
    • Missed recordings of intake/outputs

    These pervasive issues must be addressed for hospitals to deliver safe quality care. By investigating root causes of nursing care breakdowns, we help prevent future negligence.

The above categories only scratch the surface of the types of hospital negligence our Culver City medical malpractice lawyers have uncovered through decades of experience. Regardless of specifics though, the outcomes include profoundly damaged lives along with major financial consequences. By holding hospitals civilly liable for malpractice injuries/fatalities, we motivate improved patient safety while securing compensation for victims.

Why Choose Moseley Collins Law?

Why Choose Moseley Collins Law?

With over 40 years of experience across various states, our legal team has what it takes to stand up to negligent hospitals. Our track record demonstrates a commitment to clients in difficult times. Key reasons to choose our firm include:

  • We have secured millions for clients in medical negligence cases. While each case has unique facts, this shows our ability to thoroughly investigate errors and argue for proper compensation under the law.
  • With deep expertise in medical malpractice, our lawyers rigorously examine cases by consulting nursing experts, specialists, subspecialists, and other professionals to prove mistakes in care. We leave no stone unturned while gathering evidence.
  • Our firm maintains key industry relationships. We partner with respected medical experts from notable institutions to strengthen findings of medical negligence. Their testimony greatly aids our cases.
  • We move fast because evidence can fade. By launching detailed investigations quickly, our lawyers collect invaluable evidence before it dissipates. This helps prove negligence for injured victims.

The above are just a few reasons injured victims and grieving families choose us to fight for their interests after medical errors. We have the skills, experience, and drive to get real results, including maximum compensation. Contact our office today for a free consultation.

How Culver City Medical Malpractice Lawyers Investigate Claims

Not all poor outcomes after a hospital stay are due to negligence. Complications can happen even when medical staff meet reasonable standards of care. We conduct thorough inquiries to determine whether mistakes during care caused preventable patient injury or death. Investigations involve:

Consulting Medical Specialists

The first step is consulting medical experts to analyze the medical records in detail. Did doctors or nurses fail to prevent hospital-related infections? Were surgical complications caused by medical error? Were symptoms of an imminent heart attack ignored? Was a diagnosis missed or delayed? Was the patient monitored appropriately during their stay? Were preventive steps skipped? These questions and more are scrutinized to find breaches in the standard of care.

In addition to nursing experts, we consult specialists from cardiology, pathology, orthopedic surgery, neurology, radiology, pharmacy, emergency medicine, surgery, anesthesia and all relevant fields related to the claim's specifics. Leading subspecialists apply their deep expertise to reveal oversights. For example, if the claim involves a birth injury, we would enlist a placental pathology specialist's analysis along with OB/GYN and pediatric neurology experts. By leaving no relevant subspecialty unexamined, we establish strong foundations for cases.

Collecting All Pertinent Medical Records

We collect all medical records no matter where the patient received care - emergency departments, surgical centers, urgent care clinics, primary physicians, specialist visits, and inpatient hospitalizations. Records can paint a vivid picture of what happened over time leading up to a patient's injury or death. They also provide baseline health data key to assessing damages. By gathering complete documentation, we can establish a timeline to pinpoint errors. Records collected often include:

  • Hospital records - admission notes, ER charts, physician progress notes, surgical reports, discharge summaries, nursing flow charts, lab/pathology results, radiology films, medication administration records and more
  • Outpatient clinic notes from primary doctors and specialists
  • Rehabilitation facility charts
  • Home health agency progress reports
  • Medical examiner & autopsy data
  • Billing/coded data providing high level summaries & injury descriptions

Piecing together all these records provides documentary proof of substandard care. It also helps us counter any alternative explanations the defense proposes.

Tracking Down Other Evidence

In addition to records, we pursue other evidence to recreate what happened. This can involve taking photos of hospital rooms, equipment involved or reviewing video footage. Depositions ask probing questions of doctors, nurses and other staff on duty during the incident. We recreate timelines, explore all decision rationales, and leave no detail unexamined. Other examples of evidence collected include hospital policies & procedures, regulatory reports, accrediting body documents, evidence from separate litigation, academic studies and more. Our firm gathers all pertinent evidence to convincingly prove that preventable mistakes caused patient suffering.

By consulting top specialists across every relevant domain and collecting all possible evidence tied to the injury, our lawyers build robust arguments regarding breaches in standards of care that caused damages. We then leverage this proof of medical negligence to secure fair compensation for all losses endured.

Major Hospitals Serving Culver City & Surrounding AreasUCLA Medical Center

Nationally ranked hospital affiliated with top medical schools providing advanced specialty care. Main facility along with Santa Monica and other clinics serve the region.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

World renowned nonprofit hospital delivering cutting-edge treatments for complex conditions through research-driven care.

Keck Hospital of USC

Key teaching hospital for University of Southern California providing comprehensive care across medical and surgical specialties.

Marina Del Rey Hospital

Full-service community hospital with emergency, surgical, intensive care and specialty departments.

Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center

Large facility from major nonprofit health systems providing affordable care through an integrated approach.

Areas We Serve

In addition to the city of Culver City itself, our California medical malpractice lawyers handle negligence claims arising across these nearby communities:

  • Los Angeles
  • Venice
  • Santa Monica
  • Marina Del Rey
  • Playa Del Rey
  • Westchester
  • Inglewood
  • Ladera Heights
  • Baldwin Hills

No matter which particular neighborhood you reside in, our law office provides strong legal advocacy to anyone harmed by substandard hospital care across greater Los Angeles. Reach out for a free consultation regarding your medical negligence situation.

Damages Victims Can Recover in California Hospital Negligence Cases

Damages Victims Can Recover in California Hospital Negligence Cases

No amount of money can fully undo the damage from permanent disabilities, loss of limbs, emotional trauma or death of loved ones. Still, financial compensation plays a critical role helping victims pay for:

  • Extensive medical bills from hospital stays, surgeries, medications and therapies
  • Rehabilitation costs like inpatient facilities, long term nursing home care & home modifications
  • Specialized assistive equipment from wheelchairs to breathing, feeding tubes & hospital beds
  • In-home healthcare assistants for bathing/dressing, administering meds, physical therapy & more
  • Lost income & future earnings if unable to return to work.

Financial recoveries lift crushing burdens so families can focus on healing. Our goal is to maximize compensation not just for hard economic damages but also for intangible suffering tied to:

  • Pain & suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment/quality of life
  • Loss of consortium for spouses
  • Wrongful death damages

By fighting for full financial damages, our Los Angeles medical malpractice lawyers help clients move forward and regain stability after tragic, preventable harm occurs at hospitals.

Our Promise to Culver City Medical Negligence Victims

No one expects to become the victim of medical malpractice. The injuries inflicted can permanently change every aspect of victims’ lives. We cannot undo the damage but can overcome legal obstacles to secure evidence of negligence and maximum financial compensation under California law. With deep compassion for clients navigating profound loss, our firm provides:

  • Unwavering personalized advocacy
  • Meticulous investigation leaving no detail overlooked
  • Assertive negotiation securing full damages from settlements
  • Courtroom litigation skill trying complex medical negligence lawsuits
  • Streamlined help navigating insurance issues
  • Sensitive legal counsel clients can fully rely on

Drawing from over 40 years helping injured victims and bereaved families nationwide, we bring an unparalleled level of experience to Culver City medical malpractice cases. Our record demonstrates commitment to the long fight towards justice against hospital misconduct. Every life lost or damaged due to preventable mistakes deserves fair compensation. Contact us for dedicated legal representation aligned with your best interests during difficult times.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)How much does it cost to hire your firm?

We represent medical malpractice clients on a contingency basis, meaning no fees are due unless we secure financial recoveries. Our costs for experts, records and other case expenses are reimbursed from final settlements/awards. This means retaining our services costs nothing upfront.

Do I have a case if the bad outcome wasn’t the doctor’s fault?

Not necessarily. We thoroughly investigate what happened to distinguish between reasonable complications and truly negligent medical care. Just because a patient unfortunately suffers does not automatically make providers liable. There must be clear breaches in the standards of care.

How long do I have to file a malpractice claim in California?

Statutes of limitations set strict deadlines which must be followed when pursuing legal action over medical negligence. To preserve rights after malpractice, contact our lawyers immediately for guidance regarding specific time restrictions based on your unique situation.

Will my case settle out of court?

The strong majority of medical malpractice lawsuits settle before trial once we’ve gathered persuasive evidence proving negligence and calculated justified compensation for your losses. We aggressively pursue maximum damages through negotiation while fully preparing to litigate in court if needed to compel reasonable payouts.

How can a lawyer help my situation after my injury?

The complex legal, medical and insurance issues surrounding healthcare negligence can overwhelm anyone in crisis. We handle every aspect from start to finish so you can focus on healing. A lawyer’s specialized expertise makes all the difference when seeking justice. Our sole priority is protecting clients’ interests at vulnerable times.

Culver City medical malpractice lawyers devote in-depth focus to catastrophic injuries resulting from medical negligence across greater Los Angeles area hospitals. If you or a loved one suffered profound damage due to mistakes during care, contact our law office for dedicated legal representation. Our record demonstrates commitment to the complex fight for justice when substandard hospital practices upend innocent lives.

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