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Civilian Dies When Car Slams into Patrol Vehicle — Oct 25, 2016

A drunk driver hit a police SUV early Tuesday resulting in the death of a passenger. The police SUV was parked at the scene of a shooting in Oakland. No officers were hurt but the driver of the car and his three passengers were injured and transported to area hospitals. The accident occurred at approximately 1 a.m. at the avenues of Brookdale and 35th. There were several officers at the scene of the shooting where one man was injured. Two officers were seated in the southbound lanes of 35th Avenue in their parked SUV. It was hit by a red Chevy Impala speeding down 35th southbound. The chain reaction this impact caused damage to two other police cars that were parked nearby. The right front passenger of the DUI driver’s car, 27-year-old Marcello Lopez of Hayward, died on the scene. The three rear passengers, a woman, and two men were injured along with the driver.