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Have you or a loved one been the victim of medical malpractice at a Castro Valley area hospital? The medical negligence lawyers at Moseley Collins strive to help local families obtain justice. With over 40 years of combined experience nationwide, we are dedicated advocates for victims of all types of hospital errors.

Understanding Hospital Negligence

Hospital negligence occurs when a medical professional fails to meet accepted standards of care. This can involve doctors, nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists, or other staff. From surgical errors to medication mix-ups and more, hospital negligence can cause severe harm.

Common examples of hospital negligence we see in the Castro Valley area include:

  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of severe medical issues
  • Surgical mistakes and complications
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Medication errors and pharmacy mix-ups
  • Preventable hospital-acquired infections
  • Improper prenatal/maternity care
  • Failure to order critical tests or labs

These errors may seem minor, but they can have catastrophic consequences. They often result in a range of severe, life-altering injuries to patients.

Hospital Negligence Can Cause Serious Harm

Hospital Negligence Can Cause Serious Harm

Due to hospital negligence, we have seen families deal with:

  • Birth injuries like cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, or hypoxia
  • Surgical injuries causing paralysis, severe infection, or organ damage
  • Misdiagnosed heart attacks, strokes, cancers, or aneurysms
  • Medication errors resulting in severe complications or overdoses
  • Preventable brain damage or coma
  • Wrongful death

The experienced medical malpractice lawyers at Moseley Collins Law understand how devastating these outcomes can be. We dedicate ourselves to helping victims and families recover damages when poor hospital care causes catastrophic harm.

Major Hospitals Serving Castro Valley & The East Bay AreaEden Medical Center

One of the largest and most advanced hospitals in the East Bay. Known for cardiac care, orthopedic procedures, maternity services and more. Treats over 14,000 inpatients and 160,000 outpatients annually. Website:

San Leandro Hospital
Full-service acute care medical center providing emergent, impatient, and outpatient services. Noted for senior care. Offers cancer, orthopedics, rehabilitation and other specialized treatment as part of the Alameda Health System.

St. Rose Hospital

One of California's first specialty hospitals providing compassionate, family-centered care. Services include cardiovascular, joint replacement, spine surgery, stroke intervention and more with advanced medical technology.
Stanford ValleyCare Medical Center
Part of Stanford Healthcare, ValleyCare provides compassionate patient care, preventative wellness, cardiac and stroke emergency response, joint replacement programs, surgical capabilities and more. They aim to bring Stanford’s expertise closer to East Bay communities.
What Compensation Is Available in Hospital Negligence Cases?

Victims of hospital negligence may qualify for two main forms of damages - economic and non-economic:

  • Economic damages cover “quantifiable” losses like medical bills, lost income, rehabilitation and assistive care, medication costs, and other necessities.
  • Non-economic damages provide compensation for more intangible losses like pain/suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium between spouses, and more.

Additionally, families may file a wrongful death lawsuit after the loss of a loved one. This can provide damages like funeral expenses, loss of financial support, loss of relations, and other costs associated with a patient’s death due to negligence.

Collectively, these damages aim to alleviate the short and long-term burdens victims and families face in the wake of catastrophic hospital negligence. With an in-depth investigation of your case specifics, we can determine what compensation you may qualify for.

How We Investigate Each Medical Malpractice Case

How We Investigate Each Medical Malpractice Case

When you choose Moseley Collins Law to pursue your hospital negligence claim, we utilize an in-depth investigative process to build the strongest possible case.

Reviewing Medical Records

The first step entails compiling a complete set of medical records related to your injury. This includes documents like:

  • Hospital charts and nurses’ notes
  • Surgical records
  • Lab results and pathology reports
  • Specialist consults and referrals
  • Imaging studies and scans
  • Discharge papers and instructions

We leave no document unchecked when identifying potential issues or oversights in care.

Consulting Medical Specialists

Next, our team engages renowned medical experts across every pertinent specialty to rigorously review the records. For example, a birth injury case may involve an obstetrical nurse, maternal-fetal medicine specialist, pediatric neurologist, and other experts.

These specialists scrutinize all clinical decision-making and compare it to proper standards of care to pinpoint any negligence. Their findings strengthen our ability to prove poor medical care.

Demonstrating Causation

In addition to errors, our experts help demonstrate how the identified negligence directly caused or exacerbated injury. The combination of breaches in standards of care paired with clear causal links between those issues and the ensuing harm provides the foundation for a solid medical malpractice claim.

Our attention to medical details provides the proof and persuasive arguments needed to demonstrate exactly where healthcare providers failed our clients and their loved ones. Recovering damages starts with a thorough investigation and case-building process.

Why Choose Us for Your Hospital Negligence Case?

With over 40 years of collective experience nationwide, the hospital negligence lawyers at Moseley Collins Law have a long record of success. While every case has specific legal criteria and requirements, some of the reasons we stand out include:

  • Case specialization - We exclusively handle serious personal injury and medical malpractice cases involving catastrophic harm and permanent disability/disfigurement. Over 90% of our caseload involves birth and brain injuries, paralysis, or wrongful death scenarios.
  • Maximum resources - To prove negligence and causation, we build each client’s case with a 30+ point checklist and hire numerous independent specialty experts from across the nation to rigorously review medical records. Combined with our in-house nurses, we leave no stone left unturned in proving poor care.
  • No fees unless we win - We work every case on a contingency fee basis, meaning no out-of-pocket upfront costs for clients. We only earn lawyer fees if we secure case compensation on your behalf. And expenses for consultants or experts come out of the final settlement or verdict amount, not your own pocket.
  • Exceptional track record - Our body of successful, high-value verdicts and settlements reflects decades of positive client outcomes nationwide. While each case is unique, our results give clients confidence in their chances.

If you or a loved one suffered catastrophic harm due to surgical errors, misdiagnosis, anesthesia mistakes, preventable infections, or other forms of hospital negligence in Castro Valley or the greater East Bay, let our lawyers help. We put maximum legal resources behind every client’s case to pursue full financial damages from whichever negligent parties the investigation reveals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)What does proving medical negligence involve?

You must show that a healthcare provider failed to meet accepted standards of medical care, which directly resulted in injury or illness significantly worse than the initial condition. We prove negligence by obtaining all medical records, hiring numerous specialty expert witnesses to review those records for issues, identifying deviations from proper protocol, and demonstrating how those deviations caused harm.

How long do I have to file a hospital negligence lawsuit?

In most cases you have 1 year from the date of injury or discovery of negligence to file, though statutes of limitations do vary. It is wise to start investigating your case and collecting documentation immediately so the at-fault parties cannot allege failures in record-keeping or memories over time. Our lawyers immediately initiate notice letters to negligent parties stating our intent to investigate when we begin assessing potential cases.

Will filing a malpractice claim damage my relationship with the provider?

While legal action against hospitals or physicians is contentious by nature, our representation allows you to step aside while we directly handle all case dealings for you. We also have working relationships with many local hospitals and understand how to conduct malpractice litigation professionally. However, you may wish to change healthcare providers or seek care at different facilities moving forward.

How long do these cases generally take?

Timing varies based on factors like amassing medical records, finding experts, settlement talks, etc. but complex hospital negligence cases often take 2-3 years or more. We prepare clients for this extended duration. Achieving proper case results is more important to us than rushing.

In summary, the hospital negligence lawyers at Moseley Collins Law have a proven track record of success with medical malpractice cases in Castro Valley and across the East Bay Area. If you or a loved one suffered catastrophic harm due to surgical errors, misdiagnosis, anesthesia mistakes, preventable infections, or other forms of hospital negligence, let our lawyers help. We put maximum legal resources behind every client’s case to pursue full financial damages from whichever negligent parties the investigation reveals. To learn more about how our Castro Valley medical malpractice lawyers can assist with your hospital negligence case through a free case review, contact us at (800) 426-5546 today. We are here to advise and support families during their most difficult times.

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