Auto Accidents Caused by Mechanical Failure

In most cases, auto accidents are caused by impaired or negligent drivers. These are people who get behind the wheel while intoxicated or decide that texting is more important than looking at the road. Not all auto accidents, however, are caused by drivers themselves. Some come about as the result as a problem with the car.

A mechanical failure can be responsible for causing an auto accident. These are usually problems that occur sporadically without any prior warning or knowledge, such as a nail popping a tire and making it blow out. For some, routine maintenance should prevent them from occurring.

Common Mechanical Failures

While any one thing could go wrong with a vehicle, some areas are more likely to break down than others. Here are some of the more common mechanical failures you might face:

  • Faulty brakes: Perhaps one of the most serious of all mechanical failures, faulty brakes can be especially dangerous if you’re going at high speeds. Brake pads need to be replaced overtime, and if they aren’t you may have trouble stopping. A leak in brake fluid or an ABS system that is no functioning correctly could also lead to an accident.
  • Tires: You probably see people changing tires on the side of the road quite frequently. Tire treads wear down over time, which can make it very difficult for a driver to fully stop the car. The tire’s inflation levels can also cause an accident. Too little air can add to bad traction and turning ability while too much air can lead to a blow out. If you live in an area with rough roads, your tires may take an extra beating just from the conditions of the road.
  • Steering: The steering system of a car is an extensive piece of equipment. If one piece breaks, you can lose all control of steering the car. Tie rods can snap without warning, and there may be steering linkages within the vehicle. Ball joints are also susceptible to natural wear and tear that all vehicles encounter.
  • Wipers: You may not use your windshield wipers every day, but when you need them, you will certainly use them. If your windshield wipers are falling apart, you can lose your clear vision of the road very quickly before you can do anything about it. Unfortunately, windshield wipers are not the strongest piece of equipment on the car, and they can break quite easily. If yours are broken, it is necessary that you get them replaced to avoid an accident.
  • Head lights/tail lights: Both of these lights are necessary if you plan on driving at night, especially on roads that have limited light. If your head lights are out, you might not see a dip or curve in the road, which could lead to an off-road accident. If your tail lights are out, drivers behind you can’t see when you are stopping or going. They may end up rear-ending your car.

All of these problems are mostly avoidable if you’re diligent about maintaining your car, but your bigger worry might be how well other people maintain the quality of their vehicles.

Every driver on the road has an obligation to each other to keep their cars in good condition to avoid these types of accidents. Sure, head lights can go out on a whim, but if the driver fails to get these problems fixed but continues to drive, then he or she may be responsible for an accident.

Keep track of your car’s maintenance and get your car serviced when needed. The life you save may be your own.

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