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Have you or a loved one been the victim of medical malpractice at a Calabasas hospital? Medical errors like surgical mistakes, misdiagnosis delays, anesthesia accidents, and other incidents of hospital negligence can lead to life-altering injuries. If you believe substandard care resulted in significant damages, you may have grounds for a malpractice lawsuit or settlement.

The medical malpractice lawyers of Moseley Collins Law specialize in representing clients who experienced poor health outcomes. With over 40 years bringing justice nationwide, we can evaluate your situation to determine if you have a viable case for maximum compensation. Call (800) 426-5546 now or contact the firm today for a free consultation.

Frequent Causes We See for Medical Negligence Lawsuits
  • Failure to diagnose illness like cancer or infections in time
    • Delayed detection often means far worse prognoses
  • Surgical slip-ups occurring inside the operating room
    • Surgeons cutting wrong anatomy or leaving foreign objects inside patients
  • Medication management mishaps in administered drugs or dosages
    • Hospital pharmacies issuing wrong meds or doses resulting in patient harm
  • Child delivery disasters caused by OBGYN errors
    • Improper birthing methods leading to injured infants

This list provides just a sample - in 40 years litigating medical negligence claims, we’ve seen countless forms malpractice can take, from minor oversights to catastrophic life-changing accidents.

If any medical provider in the Calabasas area breached their duty of care to you, request a free consultation from Moseley Collins Law as soon as possible.

Major Hospitals Serving Calabasas

Major Hospitals Serving Calabasas

UCLA Medical Center - sprawling campus offering comprehensive treatment across most specialties.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center - renowned hospital adjacent to Beverly Hills known for innovation and VIP patients. High rates of medical errors.

Providence Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center - full-service community hospital serving San Fernando Valley residents.

West Hills Hospital & Medical Center - acute care facility with emergency, surgical, and therapy services.

Areas We Provide Legal Services in Near Calabasas

In addition to the city itself, Moseley Collins Law represents medical malpractice victims throughout these nearby communities:

  • Agoura Hills
  • Westlake Village
  • Hidden Hills
  • Malibu
  • Woodland Hills

No matter your city within Los Angeles County, our Calabasas medical malpractice lawyers offer guidance for hospital negligence cases. We help injured patients and bereaved families across Southern California pursue justice through fair legal action.

Common Medical Malpractice Cases We Handle

Hospital mistakes leading to any of the following types of harm may constitute grounds for a malpractice lawsuit:

  • Birth injuries - cerebral palsy, Erb's palsy, bone fractures
  • Surgical errors - organ perforation, wrong-site surgery
  • Misdiagnosis - cancer, infection, stroke
  • Medication errors - overdose, allergic reactions
  • Anesthesia accidents - brain damage from lack of oxygen

These are just some examples of preventable medical errors indicating possible negligence. If you or someone close suffered catastrophic, life-changing injury or even death, find out your options from our medical malpractice lawyers.

Key Elements for a Strong Malpractice Lawsuit

Successfully winning a settlement for medical negligence requires irrefutable proof meeting all four key criteria:

  • A clear provider-patient relationship existed where the medical professional assumed duty of care over treatment outcomes
  • The doctor/hospital breached said duty through deviations from accepted standards of practice
  • This breach directly caused measurable patient harm
  • Significant physical, emotional and financial damages now demand compensation

Marshaling such proof demands legal resources average citizens lack - except seasoned medical malpractice lawyers like those at Moseley Collins Law who can enlist medical experts, investigators, researchers and more to build an ironclad case.

Yet all malpractice suits face strict statutes of limitation, so call (800) 426-5546 without delay for a free consultation on your prospects. Swift action means higher chances of a positive resolution.

Damages Covered by Medical Negligence Settlements

Successful cases can win substantial financial compensation that supports recovery and eases burdens like:

  • Medical costs from hospital/rehab stays, medication, therapy
  • Rehabilitative and long-term care services
  • Loss of current and future income
  • Pain and suffering restitution

No dollar value restores devastated health, but malpractice case resolutions provide critical resources when negligence necessitates immense life changes. With proven experience maximizing case values for clients, Moseley Collins Law has helped numerous victims secure vital financial compensation. Call today for a free consultation.

How We Investigate Medical Malpractice Cases

How We Investigate Medical Malpractice Cases

When an injured patient contacts our firm believing medical negligence caused their harm, undertaking a rigorous independent investigation represents the first step. The quality of evidence gathered during these early phases can make or break any potential malpractice lawsuit down the line.

As experienced medical malpractice lawyers, Moseley Collins Law deploys an in-depth yet efficient investigatory process refined over 40 years and thousands of claims. We leave no detail unchecked when ascertaining the presence of true negligence.

Securing The Client’s Medical History

The patient or family member sits for an extensive intake interview covering their background, the treatment timeline, the incident in question and subsequent harm caused. Next, we utilize signed HIPAA release forms to gather the complete medical file from involved healthcare facilities: doctors’ notes, hospital records, surgical reports, laboratory tests etc.

Background medical history prior to the adverse incident also gets reviewed for a full clinical picture. Organizing this mountain of complex records for analysis takes resources and know-how the average citizen lacks.

Assembling A Team of Medical Specialists

Once records organize, we assemble a team of board-certified medical experts relevant to the case specifics — surgeons, emergency physicians, obstetricians, oncologists etc. These specialists scrutinize healthcare providers’ decisions and treatment plans based on adhering the latest peer-accepted diagnostic/treatment protocols for the patient’s condition.

Any deviations from standards of care get flagged by each doctor based on their specialty. Differing opinions from multiple experts make conclusions all the more indisputable in court. Recognition from medical peers offers the strongest early proof of negligence behind an injury.

Litigation Support for Further Validation

For the strongest investigations, we utilize select litigation support services to exhaustively validate our early negligence findings:

  • Additional medical specialist opinions - up to 7 deep reviews
  • In-hospital mortality rate audits
  • Analysis by veteran nurses familiar with needs in question
  • Highly targeted research of medical literature

We spend the early phase leaving no stone unturned—the time and investment required gives our clients the highest probability of a successful claim down the road.

Nuanced Cause and Effect Analysis

Even clear medical breaches mean little legally without demonstrating direct causation of tangible patient harm. We undertake sophisticated cause-effect inquiries answering:

  • Would adhering to standards of medical care have changed the outcome?
  • To what extent did deviations make the subsequent injury or death unavoidable?

Finding these answers can necessitate calling in further forensic pathologists, academic researchers, rehab physicians and other niche experts linking negligence to damage.

About Moseley Collins Law

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For over forty years, Moseley Collins Law demonstrated trusted expertise advising, guiding and representing clients in medical malpractice lawsuits nationwide. Our numerous credentialed lawyers have successfully litigated against large health networks including top California hospitals and major insurance companies - winning millions for deserving injured patients and bereaved families.

The firm’s proven commitment to compassionate counsel and ethical practices earned hundreds of 5-star client endorsements over decades of empowering injury victims. Moseley Collins Law gladly provides Calabasas citizens and all Southern Californians specialty representation seeking accountability when preventable medical negligence causes life-altering harm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)1. How Much Time Do I Have to File a Malpractice Lawsuit in California?

You must launch your claim within 3 years from the negligent incident, or 1 year from when its cause was discovered. So, contacting an lawyer promptly remains vital.

2. Does Pursuing Legal Action Guarantee Me Any Financial Compensation?

No outcome offers guarantees - but choosing an experienced medical malpractice law firm substantially improves your chances at winning damages.

3. Who Pays the Settlement Money Awarded in My Case?

Negligent hospitals, doctor’s practices and their malpractice insurance carriers provide funds awarded from settlements.

4. How Long Do These Legal Processes Normally Take?

Medical negligence cases often require 1-2 years depending factors like collected evidence and defense delays. But start now - time limits apply.

5. Is a Settlement My Only Hope for Financial Relief and Accountability?

Settlements resolve most cases, but juries can also award damages from verdicts in court trials. Experienced lawyers offer the best guidance for optimal outcomes.

The team at Moseley Collins Law welcomes all questions and stands ready to offer knowledgeable support during each step in confronting medical negligence through legal processes. Call today for compassionate counsel on your situation from our accomplished lawyers.

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"When I was injured I felt truly hopeless. I didn't know where to turn when I was released from the hospital. Luckily, I remembered your phone number and I called you. You won a nice settlement for me. Thank you!" Charles T.
"May God bless you always, Moseley and your wonderful staff. You all were there for us when we needed it most. We are forever grateful." Tina N.
"Everyone at the law firm was helpful, considerate and courteous. I would highly recommend Moseley Collins. Thank you so much." Robyn D.