Back-Over Car Accidents

Back-over accidents, as the name implies, occurs when a driver backs over a person or object while in reverse. Trucks and SUV’s, which are higher off the ground with limited low rear vision, are the most common vehicles involved in this type of auto accident. Sadly, children, the elderly and animals are most often the victims. These are usually low speed accidents and occur when the driver is attempting to exit a driveway or parking area. Children are prone to walk or bicycle behind vehicles in reverse, directly in the blind spot of taller autos. Elderly people and animals are hard to see in a vehicles blind spots and are often oblivious to the danger they put themselves in. This is another occasion where vehicles can be dangerous even without another one involved and because they often involve the accidental death or injury to a child, they can be extremely devastating.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that almost 300 deaths a year and nearly 20,000 injuries are attributed to back-over accidents. More than 50 children are backed over each year in the United States. While the U.S. Department of Transportation has set federal standards requiring all new vehicles under 10,000 lbs. to be designed with rear cameras beginning in 2016, it will not deter the back-over accidents in the millions of older vehicles already on the road. This initiative was pushed ruthlessly by parents who have lost their children in these devastating accidents.

Back-over accidents also happen in construction zones and on job sites quite often. Obstructions run rampant on any job site and larger vehicles with limited visibility are most often used for work. This makes the chances of back-over accidents at work even greater. Visibility is often the culprit here as well.

Relying solely on back-up cameras and rearview mirrors cannot always deter a back-over accident. Drivers must also walk completely around the vehicle before entering it and attempting to back up. Make sure there isn’t a child, animal, elderly person or other obstruction behind the vehicle. Listening to the sounds around you is another helpful precaution. When you prepare to back up, keep the windows rolled down and the radio off while you listen to the sounds around the vehicle. Exercise extreme caution and back out slowly, in complete control of the auto. Back-over accidents can occur in an instant and being prepared to stop on a dime can prevent them. It’s also a good idea to teach children to never, under any circumstance, play behind a vehicle of any sort. Back-over accidents have been known to happen with garbage trucks as children follow behind on bikes as well as in their own driveways at the hand of an unaware parent or relative.

Back-over accidents are devastating and traumatic no matter where, when or by who they occur. Taking precautions can help but accidents will still occur. Once all new vehicles are designed with rear view cameras, this tragic accident may lose momentum and not be as prominent.

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