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When you seek medical care, whether at a small clinic or large hospital, you put your health and life in the hands of doctors, nurses and other providers. You trust that they will help you heal, ease pain, recover, or extend your life. Yet medical mistakes happen far too often, even at the most respected facilities. If you or a loved one suffered harm, fighting for justice against medical malpractice can improve quality of care to protect others, while obtaining compensation for injuries.

At Moseley Collins Law, our dedicated medical malpractice lawyers have helped numerous victims nationwide to receive substantial settlements, while being compassionate legal advocates through painful times. With over 40 years representing those severely impacted by medical negligence statewide and across the US, we have the expertise, resources and determination to take on complex cases against negligent physicians, nurses, hospitals and healthcare corporations.

This page covers key steps to take if injured, common signs of malpractice, how a lawyer can help, elements needed to build a strong case in California, recent hospital negligence examples we have fought, and how our proven approach has helped devastated clients nationwide get accountability, improved safety procedures and millions in damages to afford necessary care.

Spotting Possible Medical Malpractice After Hospital, Clinic or Doctor Visits

If you have doubts or suspicions that inadequate medical care led to further injury or illness, know that you are not alone and that legal options may exist. Our firm fields inquiries from many initially unsure if they experienced malpractice during or after:

  • Surgeries - infection, surgical errors, anesthesia problems, delays causing complications
  • Childbirth - baby injuries, mother complications
  • Medication errors - overdoses, allergic reactions, wrong prescriptions
  • Misdiagnosis - detecting a condition too late, failure to order tests
  • Discharging too soon - complications requiring readmission
  • Lab errors - false positives/negatives, reporting inaccuracies
  • Nursing home abuse - bedsores, poor hygiene, neglect of needs

Symptoms Commonly Caused by Medical Negligence

Symptoms Commonly Caused by Medical Negligence

Being harmed by healthcare with serious, life-changing impacts can involve physical and emotional trauma. Our lawyers have experience with a wide-range of injuries and conditions that may potentially indicate malpractice after medical visits including:

Physical symptoms:
  • Sepsis infections
  • Unexpected amputations
  • Paralysis, loss of limb functionality
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Birth injuries - cerebral palsy, erb's palsy, facial paralysis
Emotional harm:
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Depression, anxiety after disfigurement/disability
  • Difficulty coping with changed capabilities
  • Strain of new caretaking responsibilities
  • Grief over loss of loved one
Why Work with a Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

Attempting to build a malpractice case alone against healthcare corporations can be extremely challenging. Powerful hospitals and physician groups often deny accountability, downplay harm caused and try limiting compensation offered victims.

Partnering an experienced medical malpractice firm levels the playing field. Savvy lawyers assist in:

  • Collecting and analyzing pertinent medical records
  • Consulting independent specialists to assess care
  • Determining exact negligent actions or non-actions by providers that caused patient damages
  • Filing claims to comply with strict California malpractice procedural deadlines
  • Negotiating assertively with defense teams
  • Taking non-cooperative healthcare defendants to court when needed
  • Presenting victims sympathetically to obtain maximum verdicts
  • Avoiding reduced payouts due to shared fault - arguing patient responsibility percentages down for fuller restitution
Elements for a Strong Medical Negligence Lawsuit in California

Medical malpractice laws can be complex, but essentially patients need proving that a healthcare professional’s inadequate skill or care caused significant new injury or wrongful death. This involves four key elements:

  • Duty of care - the provider had an obligation to meet medical "standards of care" in treating the patient
  • Breach of duty - the practitioner violated standards via negligent actions, failure to diagnose issues, errors, delays or failure to obtain informed patient consent
  • Causation - breach of duty led to further injury, illness advancement or death
  • Damages - quantifiable physical, emotional and economic losses from provider negligence

Medical charts, notes, test results and expert opinions help substantiate each piece. Savvy lawyers know how to build arguments around these factors. Moseley Collins Law has a reputation of leaving no stone unturned while investigating whether medical standards were breached.

Major Hospitals Serving Ashland & Surrounding Cities

Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center

  • Address: 2825 E Barnett Rd, Medford, OR 97504
  • Website:
  • Services: Level II trauma center providing full range of care from heart surgery to neurology.
Providence Medford Medical Center Asante Ashland Community Hospital Areas We Serve Around Ashland

In addition to the city itself, Moseley Collins Law helps clients in medical malpractice cases across the entire Rogue Valley region surrounding Ashland, including:

  • Medford
  • Central Point
  • White City
  • Phoenix
  • Talent
  • Jacksonville
  • Ruch
  • Applegate
Damages Available in Medical Malpractice Cases

Damages Available in Medical Malpractice Cases

When a healthcare provider's negligent actions or omissions cause a patient injury, measurable damages determine potential case compensation. Understanding common damage types helps if facing health complications after subpar treatment.

Medical & Rehabilitation Expenses

Expenses for ongoing medical care, surgeries, hospitalizations, medications and therapies make up a significant portion of many malpractice case values. Items billed to date and predetermined treatments projected into the future count. Reconstructive procedures, rehab, in-home caregivers and mobility equipment costs often exceed hundreds of thousands based on case specifics.

Lost Income

Injuries keeping patients out of work for prolonged recovery or endings careers get calculated into case values. Two potential categories include:

Past lost wages - Income already missed since medical negligence first occurred. Things like PTO sick days depleted, insurance gaps from not working and missed employment opportunities all matter.

Future loss of earning capacity - Permanent disabilities or compromised health reducing lifelong income prospects compared to uninjured scenario projections. Lawyer experts use labor statistics to make arguments.

Pain and Suffering

Courts allow patients physically and emotionally traumatized by provider mistakes seeking reasonable pain and suffering damages, despite incalculable health impacts. Awards typically connect to injury duration and severity - a paralyzed young parent may have a very different settlement than someone with a temporary infection.

Loss of Consortium/Normal Life

Funds compensating injured patients’ family members indirectly affected by negligence connect here. For example, a spouse must forego marital relations, plans change with their partner disabled, children lose parental guidance, etc.

Punitive Damages

If conduct was grossly reckless or intentional harm seemed evident, punitive damages sometimes apply to further punish defendant negligence. While less common, documented patterns of dangerous staff behavior or unsafe facility conditions enable lawyers arguing for these stronger sanctions.

Maximizing Compensation Payouts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)We identify and pursue fair claims against every liable entity and push shared fault percentages to those most responsible for mistakes under state laws. This enables substantially greater compensation for clients facing daunting healthcare and living expenses after malpractice.

Why Choose Us? How Moseley Collins Law Excels in Medical Injury Law
  • Excellent Success Rate - Near perfect history of winning 6 & 7 figure settlements for clients
  • Leveling the Playing Field - Top 1% of Personal Injury Firms with extensive resources to challenge powerful hospitals/insurance law groups.
  • Patient Focused - Compassionate counselors help victims/families through darkest times with free consultations
  • National Expert Network - One of America's largest special witness databases underscores our reputation for vigorously building ironclad arguments
  • Safety Crusaders - Numerous 7 & 8 figure verdicts have spurred better medical protocols, technology investments, staff training
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)How Long Do I Have to File a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit in California?

You need adhering to the state's statute of limitations, which is 3 years from the negligent incident, or 1 year from when you discovered the injury caused. Evidence can fade quickly, so contacting a lawyer soon after malpractice allows optimal case building.

Will Filing a Malpractice Claim Impact My Ongoing Care at the Hospital?

No. Facilities take patient retaliation extremely seriously. Changing or denying further treatment because someone pursued legal fault finding would be highly unethical and illegal.

What Monetary Damages Might I Recover in a Successful Medical Negligence Case?

Compensation varies widely based on severity of injury, number of liable parties and state laws governing healthcare liability payouts. Categories often include medical costs, lost wages, diminished future income capacities, disability care assistance, pain and emotional damages. Multi-million verdicts are possible in egregious cases.

Do I Pay Legal Fees Upfront When Working on Contingency With a Malpractice Firm?

No. Medical negligence lawyers generally take cases on contingency fees, meaning they only collect if disputes settle favorably or a court awards damages. This eliminates large upfront lawyer costs as barriers for injured patients seeking accountability.

How Can I Tell if My Loved One Died From Senior Home Abuse Rather Than Natural Causes?

Suspect foul play if demise was unusually swift without previous major health conditions. Also look for patterns like bedsores signaling neglect, history of rationing food or care, not addressing pain needs or history of suspicious bruising/falls indicating potential abuse. Ask our team for guidance.

Share your story in a free consultation to explore what justice and accountability may be possible. Call 800-426-5546 or contact us online to schedule. Let us stand by your side against medical negligence.

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