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Moseley Collins Law is a dedicated team of medical malpractice lawyers serving clients in Arvin, California and surrounding areas who have been harmed by negligent doctors, nurses, or other medical professionals. With over 40 years of combined legal experience nationwide, our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for victims of medical errors and their families.


When you place your health or the life of a loved one into the hands of medical professionals, you trust that they will provide a sufficient level of care. However, even the most educated and experienced healthcare providers can make critical errors in diagnoses and treatments sometimes. These medical mistakes can lead to life-altering impacts for patients, ranging from temporary discomfort to permanent disability or even wrongful death.

If you or someone you love suffered additional pain, complications or losses due to the substandard actions of one or more medical professionals in or around Arvin, you may have solid grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit. An accomplished medical malpractice lawyer can analyze what went wrong and determine if negligence or liability exists in your specific case.

For dedicated, compassionate legal guidance from our respected team of medical malpractice lawyers, contact Moseley Collins Law today.

Major Hospitals Serving Arvin and Surrounding Areas

Major Hospitals Serving Arvin and Surrounding AreasBakersfield Heart Hospital

Bakersfield Heart Hospital focuses on cardiac care, featuring 148 beds along with six operating rooms, telemetry units, cardiac catheterization labs, physical rehabilitation facilities and advanced imaging capabilities.

Bakersfield Memorial Hospital

The flagship 419-bed hospital for Dignity Health network, Bakersfield Memorial Hospital offers emergency trauma services along with cancer care, bariatrics, labor & delivery and other specialties.

Mercy Hospitals of Bakersfield

With 301 beds split between Mercy Hospital Downtown and Mercy Hospital Southwest, these Catholic healthcare facilities provide advanced stroke, cancer and cardiac treatments.

San Joaquin Community Hospital

This 224-bed hospital delivers emergency medicine to Wasco residents along with orthopedics, diabetes management, pain alleviation and other critical care for serious conditions. Its nurses, physicians and anesthesiologists.

Common Medical Malpractice Cases We Handle

Medical malpractice can encompass any situation where a healthcare professional fails to meet accepted standards when diagnosing or administering treatment to a patient, resulting in additional injury or wrongful death that proper care could have avoided. Some of the most common forms of medical malpractice we handle claims for in the Arvin area include:

Surgical Errors

Even routine operations carry risks, but surgeons are expected to act diligently to minimize those dangers through proper planning, patient evaluation and following proven procedural guidelines. When surgical teams rush procedures, use outdated methods, fail to prevent infections or otherwise make careless mistakes, they expose patients to unnecessary harm.

If an incorrect surgery, surgical mistake or negligence in post-operative follow-up care results in infection, disfigurement, disability or death - the responsible medical professionals should be held liable.

Birth Injuries

Delivering, monitoring and handling newborn infants requires specialized skill and extraordinary care given their extreme vulnerability. However, critical errors in high-risk deliveries as well as overly aggressive use of instruments can leave infants with lifelong cerebral palsy, brain damage or other delivery-related impairments.

When such tragedies arise from negligent medical care rather than unpredictable complications, affected families need strong legal advocates to demand accountability and financial means to cover enriched care the child will need.

Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis

Spotting infections, cancers, cardiovascular issues and other serious medical problems in time to treat them effectively makes an enormous difference in patient survival and recovery odds. Missing clear symptoms of dangerous conditions or erroneously determining patients are fine when they are actually dealing with grave illnesses costs precious treatment time and leads too many patients to disastrous results.

Failing to gather enough information, order appropriate tests or interpret findings accurately constitutes unacceptable malpractice when lives are at stake.

Anesthesia Errors

Correctly calculating and administering anesthesia for operations, pain management and other uses requires balancing multiple physiological factors of individual patients. Even with thorough preparation and vital sign monitoring, problems can arise - but greater dangers enter when anesthesiologists ignore patient risk factors and growing signs of adverse reactions.

Tragically, improperly handled anesthesia can lead to brain damage, paralysis and even fatalities in cases where greater care would have prevented such harms. Patients who undergo general anesthesia are extremely vulnerable, and deserve the highest safety standards - if they receive inadequate care, we help them pursue fair compensation.

Medication Errors

With so many drugs available to treat varied conditions, along with individual patient variables like ages, weights, allergies and combinations of health issues all affecting reactions - safely prescribing and administering medications is a complex process requiring diligent coordination between doctors, nurses and pharmacy staff.

When breakdowns in verification, dosage calculations, equipment calibration or other factors surrounding medications in clinical settings result in patients receiving inappropriate drugs or incorrect dosages - sometimes with toxic or deadly consequences - our lawyers demand justice and accountability on our clients' behalf.

Additional Areas We Serve

Additional Areas We Serve

The dedicated medical malpractice lawyers at Moseley Collins Law assist injured patients and grieving families throughout many communities near Arvin who suffered harm from healthcare negligence, including residents of:

  • Lamont
  • Weedpatch
  • Mettler
  • Greeley School
  • Di Giorgio
  • Bear Mountain

Regardless of which exact city you live in and where the malpractice incident occurred, our lawyers aim to make obtaining justice and compensation more feasible through free case evaluations, home/hospital visits and other accommodations. Geographic proximity presents no barriers; we have the resources and determination to support victims of medical negligence and hold accountable parties liable.

Proving Liability in Medical Malpractice Cases

Building medical negligence claims backed by convincing evidence requires working with seasoned medical expert witnesses along with in-depth legal expertise. Moseley Collins Law leaves no stone unturned while investigating what exactly went wrong with a client’s treatment, determining if events could realistically have unfolded differently adhering to proper protocols and evaluating issues like:

  • Was accurate diagnosis reached in a timely manner?
  • Did treatment plans reflect current best practices per legitimate medical research?
  • Were patients and family members kept well-informed and involved in care decisions?
  • Did staffing policies promote patient safety or introduce excessive risks?
  • Do records reveal appropriate safeguards and oversight were in place?

Supported by testimony from trustworthy experts, our lawyers demonstrate how patients ended up facing preventable injuries, losses or death due to negligence. We handle gathering extensive records, securing knowledgeable witnesses across specialties, preparing detailed chronologies of events, reenacting incidents for juries and taking all actions necessary to prove liability on your behalf.

Why Choose Us for Your Medical Malpractice Case?

Moseley Collins Law stands ready to advocate for Arvin area medical malpractice victims with compassion, integrity and unwavering commitment towards obtaining justice. Key reasons we're trusted by injured patients and families seeking accountability include:

  • 40+ Years Collective Experience - Our lawyers offer deep insight into building negligence claims as well as determining fair compensation
  • Former Insurance Defense Experience - We know how defendant lawyers approach these cases and work to neutralize their arguments
  • Record of Multi-Million Settlements - We've helped severely injured clients secure substantial verdicts and settlements

Don't leave the legal fight to corporations and insurance companies working against you. The seasoned medical malpractice lawyers at Moseley Collins Law are prepared to stand up for your rights. We offer free, no-obligation case evaluations - call us at 800-426-5546 to discuss your situation confidentially.

Our Proven Process for Medical Malpractice Claims

When new clients entrust us with investigating their potentially negligent medical treatment in Arvin and pursuing a malpractice claim accordingly, we follow a focused sequence of steps designed to build leverage while remaining sensitive to our clients’ states throughout the legal process. Here is an overview of how we handle these complex cases:

  1. Comprehensive Case Review - We thoroughly examine all records and events surrounding a client’s alleged medical negligence to determine merits for a claim
  2. Secure Relevant Medical Expertise - We connect with doctors across specialties most relevant to the errors in question to gain key insights
  3. Gather Additional Evidence - Our team works diligently to collect any additional documentation or data available related to the incident
  4. Determine Strongest Legal Avenues - Leveraging our assembled evidence and experts, we then identify viable state and federal claims to pursue
  5. Attempt Good Faith Settlement - When possible, we first seek to negotiate an out-of-court resolution providing clients fair compensation sooner
  6. Prepare Rigorous Legal Arguments - If a reasonable settlement can’t be reached, we methodically build a compelling case to take towards trial
  7. Compassionate Client Guidance - Throughout all steps, clients receive support, clarity and counsel on best navigating their situation

This structured approach maximizes prospects for a positive outcome, whether reaching a satisfactory settlement or taking the case to court if necessary, against non-cooperative parties. With deep medical negligence expertise guiding your case, our lawyers can advocate toward the justice you deserve.

Let Our Medical Malpractice Lawyers Review What Happened in Your Case

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Malpractice

Mistakes occur in even the best hospitals and clinical settings sometimes - but victims of life-altering medical negligence deserve accountability and compensation. Before assuming an unfortunate medical outcome couldn’t have been prevented, contact us for a free claim review.

Our lawyers thoroughly investigate incidents across medical specialties to determine if acceptable standards of care weren’t met somehow. By having us fully examine your case initially at no cost, you gain clarity on whether grounds for a claim exist.

We pledge to handle your review discreetly and make practical recommendations aligned with your needs and rights. For skilled, compassionate support following an incident of potential medical malpractice harming you or a loved one in Arvin, call us at 800-426-5546 or contact us for your free consultation today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical MalpracticeWhat Constitutes Medical Malpractice Under California Law? 

Medical malpractice per CA statutes covers professional negligence where medical personnel fail to meet accepted standards of care, causing preventable patient injury or death. This encompasses errors, lack of skill, oversights or failure to secure informed consent.

Are All Bad Medical Outcomes Automatically Grounds for a Malpractice Claim? 

No - with healthcare, setbacks can occur even when everyone follows proper procedures. But if avoidable actions or oversights directly result in otherwise preventable patient harm, liability may apply.

Can Nurses and Other Staff Be Sued for Malpractice, or Only Doctors? 

Any medical professionals along with hospitals/facilities breaching duties of care owed to a patient - including nurses, techs, assistants, anesthesiologists, etc. - may share liability for negligent practices leading to harm.

What Damages Can I Seek Through a Successful Medical Negligence Suit? 

Economic damages covering verifiable current and future monetary losses, and non-economic damages for pain/suffering - we'll pursue maximum compensation you are fairly owed.

Will Filing a Malpractice Claim Negatively Impact My Own Healthcare? 

No, patient advocacy groups have enacted laws preventing healthcare providers from retaliating against those who make malpractice claims.

Who Pays Malpractice Lawsuit Verdicts and Settlements? 

Medical malpractice insurers as well as medical professionals themselves and their employers/businesses can bear liability for these cases. State indemnification funds or other options may also assist in satisfying amounts patients recover.

How Long Do Medical Malpractice Cases Typically Last in California? 

Most cases resolve in 1-3 years, but could take longer going to trial - an experienced lawyer can better estimate timeframes based on your circumstances. Proper case preparation sets up faster resolutions.

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