Animal Collisions

Car Accidents, Sacramento County, CAAnimals on the roadway can be very dangerous and even deadly situations. Large animals like deer, cows and even dogs can cause fatal accidents but even small animals can send a vehicle on a deadly course of action. Rural roads can be especially dangerous. There are many more animals in the area and they are able to stay invisible until the very moment they jump in front of a vehicle moving down the road.Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid the occasional interaction with an animal while driving.  There are, however, several precautions to take that will reduce the risk of injury and death in an animal collision. 

Livestock, horses and other large domestic animals are often the cause of fatal car crashes. These animals are huge and often weigh as much or more than the vehicle itself. They are capable of causing as much damage as a head-on collision with another vehicle. Owners of livestock are required to fence their animals in and provide every precaution necessary to keep their animals off the road. Try as they might, it still occurs frequently. 

Smaller animals pose a different type of problem. While they cannot cause as much property damage as larger animals they still cause accidents. Birds, both large and small, can fly into the windshield startling the driver and causing them to swerve into oncoming traffic, into a ditch or hitting another structure. Turtles can wedge under tires and throw a car off the road. Many small animals like raccoons, opossum, squirrel, cats and dogs will suddenly jump out in front of a vehicle and cause the driver to swerve. Since most animal collisions happen on rural roads during twilight and dusk, staying alert can go a long way in preventing collisions with animals. Pay attention to your surroundings, especially if you are on unfamiliar roads. This includes taking heed when you see an animal crossing sign. Stay even more vigilant during peak times. 

Twilight and dusk each day in the warmer months are more likely to see animal collisions than colder months at other hours. Make good use of your headlights. Use them to illuminate the sides of the road and search for the glow of animal eyes. Animals tend to fixate on headlights. Flash them off and on to break the fixation and encourage the animal to run away.  If a collision does occur, never touch or approach the animal. A large animal in pain is unpredictable and can hurt the driver or itself. The vehicle should be moved to the side of the road, if it is drive-able.Authorities should be alerted immediately and all applicable insurance calls made as soon as possible.

There are over 100 deaths per year in relation to animal collisions. Most can be prevented with small safety precautions. Animal collisions are costly and emotional experiences with lasting consequences. Staying alert and practicing safe driving techniques like obeying the speed limit will reduce the risk of animal collision greatly. 

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